Nakamura Shigeyuki (中村 繁之) is a comic actor who has taken on SASUKE twice. Despite being slow on the first stage, such as taking his time on the Burasagari Maruta, he was able to barely clear with 0.3 seconds left. In the second stage he hurt his nose on the Wall Lifting obstacle, but he still cleared. He almost reached the end of the Pipe Slider, but due to the drizzle and temperature, he got fatigued and his grip before he could even touch the platform.

Despite being able to clear the Rolling Maruta on his first try, he wasn't able to land in the center of the trampoline and hit the non-bouncy edge by mistake. If he would have landed in the square, he could have possibly made it due to the fact even though he missed the center, he still had a good technique with good height.


SASUKE # Result Notes
2 95 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage)
6 95 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
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