Nagasawa Hiroaki (長澤 弘明) is a three-time tumbling champion in Japan who has competed in two Shin-SASUKE tournaments.

In his first attempt in SASUKE 18, he wore #18 and was all cut. Because of his number, it is known that he either failed the Rope Glider or the Log Grip as #20 Noguchi Norihiko was the first person to beat the Log Grip.

In SASUKE 19, his run was digested. Based on how much sunlight was out at the time, it is known that he wore a number in the 60s, more specifically 66-70. It is shown that he timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe.


SASUKE # Result Notes
18 18 Failed ?? (First Stage) All Cut. Failed Rope Glider or Log Grip.
19 60s Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Digest. Time Out.
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