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Nagasaki Takamasa (長崎 剛政) is a trampolinist and brother to fellow trampolinist and SASUKE competitor Nagasaki Shunsuke.

Wearing #60, he debuted in SASUKE 18 and flew through the brand new First Stage to become the first person to beat Shin-SASUKE's First Stage. In the Second Stage, he was the first to attempt and beat the Downhill Jump. When he made it to the next obstacle, the Salmon Ladder, he ran into trouble. The difficulty and unfamiliarity of the obstacle was apparent from the beginning as he had trouble raising both ends of the bar to the next level. He eventually got a good rhythm going and made it to the sixth level. However, while trying to re-adjust his hands and swing at the same time, he lost grip of the bar and fell into the water.

He returned in SASUKE 19. This time wearing #77, he was expected to be the first one to clear the First Stage again, as he did in his rookie attempt. However, SASUKE 19's First Stage was changed significantly. While he breezed through the first four obstacles, and then past the new Half-Pipe Attack, he ran into trouble on the re-designed Soritatsu Kabe. There he struggled, and it took him three attempts to clear. Running low on time, he immediately started the tweaked Flying Chute. However, he jumped for the rope too late and his legs fell out from under him in a similar matter as Nagano Makoto's failure later in that tournament.

Takamasa then appeared again in SASUKE 20, the only time where his brother, Shunsuke, did not compete with him. Wearing #1990, he again breezed through the obstacles until the Soritatsu Kabe. There, he again struggled. Taking him four attempts and forty seconds, he finally cleared. With little time, he hurried and beat the Flying Chute that took him out last time. However, he timed out before he could reach the Tarzan Rope, with the time lost on the Soritatsu Kabe proving to be fatal.

Takamasa next returned in SASUKE 34 after a nine-year hiatus wearing #55. His run was shown in the SASUKE 34 Navi. He showed impressive speed throughout the first few obstacles, but he would eventually fail the jump on the Double Pendulum.


Sometime in December 2020, it was revealed on Takamasa's different social media pages that he had suffered a stroke and had been hospitalized for a few days. The extent of the severity was later revealed, showing that Takamasa may never compete on trampolines again and would have difficulty driving for a couple of years. His brother, Nagasaki Shunsuke, soon posted his support for his brother's recovery, insisting that he hopes that the pair will be able to try SASUKE together again one day.

SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
18 60 Failed Salmon Ladder (Second Stage)
19 77 Failed Flying Chute (First Stage) Digest
20 1990 Failed Tarzan Rope (First Stage) Time Out
34 55 Failed Double Pendulum (First Stage) Shown in Navi.