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Some members of the Morimoto Sedai that has been introduced in SASUKE 36.

Morimoto Sedai (森本世代) or Sasuke-Kun Sedai (サスケ君世代), are a group of young, largely unknown competitors who have emerged as some of the strongest and most potential competitors in the show who has been born in the 90's and rise up since Morimoto's Total Victory. Some member of the Morimoto Sedai are mostly made up of SASUKE Trial Qualifers, many of whom train non-stop for SASUKE on homemade replicas of the obstacles. Like the SASUKE All-Stars and Shin Sedai, most of the members are made up of ordinary people instead of professional athletes.


Some members have been start to train and compete on SASUKE since they were Junior High. Tada Tatsuya has been competed on SASUKE 17 at 14. While Morimoto Yusuke start his SASUKE appearence in SASUKE 18 at 15. Yamamoto Keitaro and Sato Jun have been competed on SASUKE 20 and SASUKE 21 when they were 16. However, after their early appearence, they can't make it to the Second Stage and need more times to emerge as a star.


Some of the Morimoto Sedai has been known as a member of the Shin Sedai. While many of the members had competed before this tournament, they cannot make it further. Some of them have rised up, and becoming a star, and finally the peak was in SASUKE 31 when Morimoto got Kanzenseiha, and the number of younger competitor has been increased. They also do SASUKE Training with Morimoto.

Morimoto Sedai has been introduced in SASUKE 36 due to having more younger competitors who emerged as a new star and in the future the member of this group could have be increased.


There have only been six members of the Morimoto Sedai so far. They consist of:

Morimoto Yūsuke

Morimoto is the leader of the Morimoto Sedai and the current member of Shin Sedai. He made his debut in SASUKE 18 when he was 15 years old, where he failed the Jumping Spider. In SASUKE 19, he defeated the Jumping Spider but failed the Half-Pipe Attack. In SASUKE 21 & SASUKE 22, he failed the First Stage while being all cut from both broadcasts. In SASUKE 27, he cleared the First Stage for the first time, only to fail the Metal Spin in the Second Stage. In SASUKE 29, he cleared the Second Stage for the first time with only several milliseconds left. In the Third Stage, he became the first person ever to beat the Crazy Cliffhanger and the Vertical Limit, but he failed the Pipe Slider. He then was a participant in the SASUKE ASEAN OPEN CUP 2013 & 2014. Due to his performance in the previous tournament, he donned the #3000 bib in SASUKE 30. He failed the Wall Lifting on the third wall in the Second Stage when he lost his stamina. In SASUKE 31, he reached the Final Stage and became the fourth and the youngest person to achieve Kanzenseiha, with 2.59 seconds to spare. He didn't compete in SASUKE 32 due to his work. In his return in SASUKE 33 at the Third Stage, with the other competitors already eliminated, Morimoto carried out his attempt as the last man standing. He got past the Drum Hopper Kai, but was unable to beat the Flying Bar, and the tournament ended with no Third Stage clears. In SASUKE 34, he got his revenge on the Flying Bar and made it all the way to the Vertical Limit Kai, only to fail there halfway through. In SASUKE 35, he made it through the Vertical Limit Kai and cleared the Third Stage once again. In the Final Stage, due to getting caught up on the Salmon Ladder, he timed out around 5m from the buzzer. In SASUKE 36, he made it to the Final Stage for the second time in a row and attempted it in front of a live crowd on New Year's Eve. Due to his small error in the Salmon Ladder and the strong winds that made the rope of the Tsuna Nobori move out of his reach, he was left hanging for several precious seconds. He wasn't able to ascend the rope as fast as he had hoped; he kept climbing but ultimately ran out of time 0.5m away from victory. Shockingly, he failed the First Stage in SASUKE 37 where he was expected to reach the Final Stage for a third consecutive time; he could not scale the Soritatsu Kabe in time due to poor weather conditions, an issue that caused other strong competitors, such as Kawaguchi Tomohiro, to fail also. This is his first First Stage failure in 10 years (since SASUKE 22). In SASUKE 38, he would reach the Final Stage yet again, his fourth attempt at the stage. He would achieve kanzenseiha for the second time, with 2.59 seconds on the clock. Despite high expectations for him in the SASUKE 39, he would fail the Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe, due to rain that had plagued the course during his run.

Satō Jun

Sato, the third oldest of the Morimoto Sedai and the current member of the Shin Sedai, is also a repeat qualifier from the SASUKE Trials. He made his debut in SASUKE 21, in which he failed the Log Grip. In SASUKE 23, he made it to the Second Stage, only to meet the obstacle that would become his nemesis, the Salmon Ladder. After two straight defeats, he finally cleared the Salmon Ladder, now the Double Salmon Ladder, in SASUKE 25, only to fail the next obstacle. He took a 6-tournament break to focus on his studies abroad before returning to compete in SASUKE 32, where he went the furthest of any domestic competitor, failing on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger. In SASUKE 33, his attempt in the Third Stage quickly came to an end as he was felled by the Flying Bar. In SASUKE 34, he squeezed through the first two stages. In the Third Stage, he took his revenge on the Flying Bar but he was unable to overcome the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger again. In SASUKE 35, he once again passed the first two stages without any problem, but he failed on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger for a third time, again on the first jump. In SASUKE 36, he finally beat the first jump of the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger only to fail the transition on the moving ledge. He would fail in exactly the same spot in SASUKE 37, although it would be on the new Cliffhanger Dimension. He would fail at the exact same spot on the functioning Cliffhanger Dimension in SASUKE 38. He would not compete in SASUKE 39 due to an injury.

Yamamoto Keitaro

Yamamoto is a graduate of Keio University and an Unlimited Cliffer member. He has competed six times and is also a repeat qualifier from the SASUKE Trials. He made his debut in SASUKE 20, where he made it through the first three obstacles and sized up the Jumping Spider only to fail in getting onto the walls. He returned to SASUKE in SASUKE 29. There, he was able to clear the First Stage. However, in the Second Stage, he timed out on the Backstream. He competed on SASUKE 34, wearing #74. In the tournament, he cleared the first stage again but failed the Reverse Conveyor. In SASUKE 35, he was able to pass the first stage with 5 seconds remaining. However, in the Second Stage, he slipped and failed on the Spider Drop, becoming the first to do so. In SASUKE 36, he once again cleared the First Stage with 12 seconds left in a digested performance. His Second Stage run was also digested, but it was shown that he timed out on the Wall Lifting. In the next tournament, Yamamoto was expected to clear the First Stage for the fifth consecutive time. However, he failed the wet and slick Soritatsu Kabe, resulting in his first First Stage failure in more than 11 years (since SASUKE 20). He would fail the Second Stage in the next tournament yet again, this time going out on the first obstacle, the Rolling Log. His Second Stage curse would soon be broken however, as in the next tournament, he battled the wet weather and advanced all the way to the Sidewinder in the Third Stage.

He has also competed in VIKING 2, failing the Cannonball.

Tada Tatsuya

Tada has competed five times. He made his debut in SASUKE 17, where he timed out on the Rope Climb. He competed in SASUKE 19, where he failed the Jumping Spider. After a 10-year hiatus, he competed in SASUKE 34 and became one of a lot of competitors to fail the Fish Bone. In SASUKE 35, he failed the Dragon Glider in a digested performance. In SASUKE 36, he cleared the First Stage for the first time with 9.73 seconds left and completed the Second Stage with 11.08 seconds left. In the Third Stage, he cleared the first 3 obstacles and the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger. However, he couldn't get past the last ledge of the Vertical Limit Kai. In SASUKE 37, Tada returned stronger than ever, passing the first two stages with no problem, and taking revenge on his previous fail by clearing the Third Stage on his second try. However, the poor weather conditions that plagued SASUKE 37 continued to the live Final Stage, where he showed good speed until a slip on the Salmon Ladder Jugo-Dan, which he could not correct due to the slick rungs causing the bar to slide. He resultantly timed out just over halfway up the tower. Tada enjoyed more success on the course in SASUKE 38 and 39, being eliminated on the Cliffhanger Dimension and Vertical Limit in the Third Stage respectively.

Araki Naoyuki

Also a graduate of Keio University, Araki has competed four times. He made his debut in SASUKE 29, where he timed out on the Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe. He was cut from the broadcast. In SASUKE 32, he failed the Double Pendulum, with his run only being shown in the NAVI. In SASUKE 35, he failed the Dragon Glider in a digested performance. In SASUKE 36, he completed the First Stage for the first time with 4.94 seconds remaining and cleared the Second Stage with 12.31 seconds to spare. In the Third Stage, he cleared the first three obstacles, as well as the first transition on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger, but his attempt at the next transition wasn't successful. Despite high expectations for SASUKE 37, he fell victim to the redesigned Fish Bone in the First Stage in a digested run. In SASUKE 38, he would complete the First Stage again, but would be eliminated by the Reverse Conveyor in the Second Stage. He would be cut the next tournament, failing the Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe in the First Stage.

He also appeared on SASUKE Vietnam 2 as an international competitor. He cleared Stage 1 with 50.53 seconds, placing 18th overall. He then cleared Stage 2 with 1:02.03 seconds, placing 19th overall. He also cleared Stage 3 with 5:57.95 seconds, placing 7th overall. However, he timed out on the Rope Climb in the Final Stage. His result on SASUKE Vietnam 2 was also broadcasted on his profile in SASUKE 36.

Ugajin Shogo

Ugajin has competed four times. He made his debut in SASUKE 32 where he failed the Rolling Hill. He competed in SASUKE 34, where he cleared the First Stage. Unfortunately, his run in the Second Stage didn't prove as successful showing him reaching the Backstream before timing out due to exhaustion. In SASUKE 35, he went out on the new Dragon Glider. In SASUKE 36, he managed to clear the First Stage again, but he timed out on the Reverse Conveyor in the Second Stage. He tried to apply for SASUKE 39, but did not get selected to compete.