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Miyizaki Daisuke (宮﨑 大輔) is a top handball player in Japan, three time Pro Sportsman No.1 and has entered four SASUKE tournaments.

He made his debut in SASUKE 20 and because of his popularity and success in Pro Sportsman No. 1 was given a very high number, #1998. In his first attempt, his inexperience showed, as he needed two attempts to clear the Pole Maze. Once he cleared, he successfully made it past the Jumping Spider and onto the Half-Pipe Attack. Like many people that day, this is where his run ended. While he was able to grab the rope successfully, when he landed on the platform, he lost his balance. Trying to make a leap to the far platform, he came up short and fell into the water. This failure would affect his future performances.

In SASUKE 21, Miyazaki wore #97. In the First Stage, he performed relatively well, however it took him two attempts to clear the Half-Pipe Attack and Soritatsu Kabe, and he barely managed to clear with 0.97 seconds left. Miyazaki attempted the Second Stage after seeing five challengers fail before him. He used his upper body strength to clear the brutal Salmon Ladder and subsequently cleared the Second Stage with 10.38 seconds remaining. On the Third Stage however, he struggled. It took him a long time to clear the first two obstacles, and he ultimately failed the Devil Steps after he failed to get a grip on one of the steps. Miyazaki was going too slowly and his strength gave out on the second step of the second vertical incline. Miyazaki is the only person ever to fail the Devil Steps.

Because of his great performance during SASUKE 21, Miyazaki returned in SASUKE 22 and wore #99. He showed great speed through most of the obstacles. However, on the Half-Pipe Attack, he was cautious just like in SASUKE 21 and lost valuable time by taking two trips to the landing pad in order to successfully land there. While he was able to beat the Soritatsu Kabe and even the new Slider Jump, the time he lost on the Half-Pipe Attack was too much and he ran out of time on the top of the Rope Ladder.

He returned for SASUKE 26 and wore #88, however his comeback was short-lived when he slipped off the Rolling Escargot and was one of many elite competitors to fail there. He has not competed since.


Miyazaki is a three time winner of another Monster 9 show, Pro Sportsman No. 1. He is the only three time winner of the show, winning in 2006, 2008, and 2009.

While more noted as being the face of handball in Japan, Miyazaki moved to Spain to join BM Alcobendas in Spain's Liga ASOBAL in June of 2009. In 2010, he helped Team Japan to a birth in the 2010 Handball World Championships, and was the leading scorer for Japan.

Assault Allegations

Miyazaki was arrested in November 2nd, 2020 for allegedly assaulting a woman in a hotel in Nagoya. Miyazaki denied any use of violence and he was released the next day after his arrest.


SASUKE # Result Notes
20 1998 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage)
21 97 Failed Devil Steps (Third Stage) 2nd Step, 2nd Row.
22 99 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Time Out.
26 88 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage)
Sportsman # Result Notes
2006 1st
2007 4th
2008 1st
2009 1st
2010 Failed 20th level 50 person Monster Box competition.