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Miyake Ayako (三宅 綾子) is the first woman to clear all four stages of the SASUKE spin off KUNOICHI. She, Yuuji Urushihara and Morimoto Yūsuke are the only competitors to achieve kanzenseiha twice. However, she is the only one to achieve kanzenseiha thrice.

Competition Results

Miyake made her debut in KUNOICHI 4. She would clear the First Stage with the fastest time of the day. She then proceeded to shock everyone by making it to the Final Stage and beating the stage with just over 4 seconds to spare. This result led the announcer to dub her the New Heroine of KUNOICHI. She is also the first women to achieve Kanzenseiha in her first appearance.

Miyake was not done. She would return for KUNOICHI 5 where she would once again reach the Final Stage. In a true example of Deja Vu, Miyake would once again claim Kanzenseiha, this time with more than 7 seconds on the clock. At the top of the Tower, Miyake broke down in tears as she dedicated the victory to her Grandmother, who had died after the first stage had ended. Komiya Rie, who had also reached the Final Stage, was shown crying at the display of emotion as well.

In KUNOICHI 6, Miyake did the unthinkable. She once again reached the Final Stage and she once again conquered the tower, although with a much smaller margin for error (just under a second left to go).

KUNOICHI 7 began much like the previous three competitions, with Miyake easily completing the First Stage. However, unlike the previous three, she struggled on the Second Stage. She was unable to navigate the Burandou obstacle easily and lost too much time. As the countdown buzzer sounded, she made a grab for the final rope on the metal beam and missed, plummeting into the water. Her fellow competitors were left in visible shock.

Miyake is called the "Queen of KUNOICHI" and was considered the most likely to complete the course.


Miyake has also competed in SASUKE twice, in SASUKE 17 she failed in the Sandan Rolling Maruta and then in SASUKE 18 in the Jumping Spider . She was shown in G4's preview special for SASUKE 18.

Miyake's career track has taken her many places. She used to be a gymnast when she was in her teens, but then became a acrobat. In 2004 she was part of the G-Rockets Dance Trope, however shortly after she took the route of other KUNOICHI competitors and joined the Muscle Musical.

Shortly after KUNOICHI 7, Miyake broke away from the Muscle Musical with its producer Ikuo Nakamura and a few male and female Muscle Musical members. Miyake is still in this group today. While Miyake is definitely KUNOICHI's best competitor, her group's split from the Muscle Musical will probably result in her never competing again.

She didn't compete in KUNOICHI 8. But a few of her Musical Musical costars did.

She also participated in all 3 seasons of VIKING, but sadly failed the First Marine Stage both times.

On Facebook she has an interview about "Finding Midoriyama”.

As of recently, Miyake started working for Team PADMA (Performance Group).


  • Miyake is the first competitor to achieve kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI.
  • Miyake is the first to achieve kanzenseiha on her first appearance in KUNOICHI. This feat was followed by Kadoi Satomi on KUNOICHI 8.
  • Miyake is the first to achieve kanzenseiha in two separate tournaments as she completed the Final Stage in KUNOICHI 4 and KUNOICHI 5 in KUNOICHI.
  • Miyake is the only competitor who achieved kanzenseiha in consecutive tournaments as she achieved kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI 4, KUNOICHI 5, and KUNOICHI 6.
  • Miyake is the only competitor who achieved three kanzenseiha, the most for a competitor in any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior format.
  • The three competitors who achieved kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI, Miyake, Komiya Rie, and Kadoi Satomi are all members of the Muscle Musical.
  • In KUNOICHI, Miyake was considered as the Queen of KUNOICHI, a nickname which was also used for Mizuno Yuko before Miyake made her first appearance in KUNOICHI.



KUNOICHI # Result Notes
4 58 Kanzenseiha 4.1 seconds remaining
5 100 Kanzenseiha 7.7 seconds remaining
6 100 Kanzenseiha 0.6 seconds remaining
7 100 Failed Burandou (Second Stage) First Time failing the course.

SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
17 75 Failed Sandan Rolling Maruta (First Stage) All Cut
18 46 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) All Cut.

VIKING Results

VIKING # Result Notes
1 79 Failed Cannonball (First Marine Stage) Timed out. Middle cut.
2 95 Failed Castaway (First Marine Stage)
3 15 Failed Loading Dock (First Marine Stage)

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