Mitchell "Mitch" VeDepo is a medical researcher from Mission, Kansas who has currently competed on three seasons of American Ninja Warrior. He is best known for his nickname The Science Ninja.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Mitch made his first appearance in competition in Orlando qualifying, where his run was cut, but fell on the Double Tilt Ladder and did not make it into the city finals. Mitch placed 33rd overall.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Mitch returned in ANW 8 competing in Oklahoma City. Mitch once again fell on the fifth obstacle, this time being the Bar Hop. However, this time around, it was good enough to get him into the city finals, which he placed 21st overall. In the finals, VeDepo was the first to conquer Bungee Road, but later fell on the Window Hang. He eventually moved on to the national finals placing 4th overall. His run was cut in Vegas, but he fell on the Jumping Spider.

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American Ninja Warrior 9

Mitch competed in ANW 9 in Kansas City, where just like last year in qualifying, he fell on the Bar Hop. However, he once again advanced to the city finals where he placed 20th overall, just one spot above where he placed last time he failed the Bar Hop.

In the city finals, VeDepo put up an impressive run where he was able to cruise through the first nine obstacles, including the new Iron Maiden, and became the first and only competitor to reach the Elevator Climb until he gassed out just a few feet from the the top. With this being the second time in ANW history a course has no finishers, VeDepo placed 1st overall.

In Vegas, however, he failed the Jumping Spider for the second year in a row.
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