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Mike Snow was an Australian athlete, first appearing in Australian Ninja Warrior 1. Competing in Heat 1, he cleared in 1:10, only behind Dylan and Brodie Pawson. In his Semi-Final, he cleared the whole course placing 3rd. In the grand final stage 1 however, he shockingly fell on the Big Dipper.

Ninja Warrior UK 4

In Ninja Warrior UK 4, Mike placed 3rd similarly to in Australian Ninja Warrior 1. In the semi-final, he shockingly fell on the Spinning Log, an obstacle he easily cleared in Australia. In the final he cleared Stage 1 in the second slowest time behind only Sebastian Foucan. He even cleared stage 2. In stage 3 however he fell on the 4th ledge of the Crazy Cliffhanger before he could make the transition. He was the furthest runner to that point.

Ninja Warrior UK 5

In Ninja Warrior UK 5, Mike performed in his heat well and advanced to the semi-finals. He completed the UK semi-final for the first time, and in just 3:33, placing 7th and advancing to the final. Next week, Mike will take on the Final Stage 1.

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

In Australian Ninja Warrior 2 he cleared Heat 4 with the 4th fastest time, again behind Brodie Pawson. In the semi-finals however he fell on Salmon Ladder to Floating Monkey, placing 10th and not advancing.