Michael Zernow, known by his parkour name "Frosti", is a member of a freerunning team called The Tribe. His first television appearance was in Survivor: China, where he placed 8th. He has since competed on two G4 entities, Jump City: Seattle and American Ninja Warrior. Zernow qualified in the top 15 both times he competed on the qualifier course; in American Ninja Warrior 3, he did not participate in Boot Camp due to injury, but in American Ninja Warrior 4, he qualified for the Vegas finals.

American Ninja Warrior 3

After his impressive Jump City showing, Zernow decided to audition for American Ninja Warrior 3. While relatively new to the SASUKE scene, Zernow blistered through the qualifying round with the top time of around 44 seconds. In the semifinals, Zernow struggled and nearly failed the Bridge of Blades as well as getting caught up on the Jump Hang, resulting in him not beating Jacob Smith's time through the Warped Wall. Despite being slowed early on, he cleared the Salmon Ladder, however, when he reached for the Unstable Bridge, he only got one hand on the first board before dropping into the water. However, he had a fast enough time to take the 14th spot into Boot Camp. Unfortunately, he dropped out due to an injury before the Boot Camp. Jacob Smith replaced him.

American Ninja Warrior 4

Zernow, having fully recovered from his injury, returned for American Ninja Warrior 4, clearing the qualifiers in 7th place. In the Southwest Finals Zernow earned the 15th and final spot into the Vegas finals, being the second fastest person to fail the Arm Rings in the Southwest regional final. As a result, Zernow wore #9 in the Vegas finals, where he failed the Jumping Spider.

American Ninja Warrior 5

Zernow returned in American Ninja Warrior 5 competing in Venice, but he was one of many to fall on the Flying Nunchucks.

Other Television Appearances


Michael "Frosti" Zernow on Jump City: Seattle.

Zernow and The Tribe competed on Jump City: Seattle. To the surprise of many, The Tribe performed poorly in the regular season, losing to powerhouse Team Tempest and the upstart Team Rogue.

The Tribe entered the playoffs 1-2 but took both rounds from Rogue, avenging their prior defeat. In the finals against Tempest, Zernow was called upon for the championship-deciding sudden death round. While he put up an 8.6, he was defeated by Brian Orosco of Tempest, who scored 9.0, winning the championship for Tempest. Zernow had the highest overall average for the season, averaging 8.42 points per freestyle round (8.38 not counting sudden death).

Zernow also competed on the 2007 series of Survivor: China as a member of the Zhan Hu tribe. He was the ninth person voted out of the tribe on Day 27 and became the third member of the jury.


SASUKE # Result Notes
ANW4 9 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
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