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Michael Torres is a Carpenter from Minotola, New Jersey. Michael had first competed on American Ninja Warrior 8 at the eligible age of 21, just barely meeting the age requirements before competing on the course.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Michael first competed as a rookie in Philadelphia in American Ninja Warrior 8. His run in qualifying was cut, but he was only 1 of 9 competitors that cleared the qualifying course, in which he finished with the 4th fastest time. In the city finals, Michael breezed through the first eight obstacles but eventually was one of many to fall on the Stair Hopper. Torres had placed 7th overall in the top 15 and moved onto Vegas, where Michael finished at the very skin of his teeth, finishing Stage 1 with a mere 00:00.08 seconds left. With Torres having the slowest time out of all stage 1 finishers, he was the first competitor that took on stage 2 and failed the first obstacle, the Giant Ring Swing.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Michael returned to compete in Cleveland in American Ninja Warrior 9. his run in qualifying was digested but it was shown that he jumped up the entire first section of the Ring Jump in one move. He cleared the course with the 8th fastest time. His run in the city finals was also digested, but it was shown that he was one of many to fall on the Nail Clipper, placing 6th. Torres made his second trip to Vegas, where he went at a more quicker pace than the previous year. However, he got careless and his feet slipped on the Jumping Spider, ending his season.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Michael returned to compete in Minneapolis in American Ninja Warrior 10 . his run was cut in Qualifying, but it was revealed that he attempted the Mega Wall, but failed to complete it. he still cleared the course, finishing with the 4th fastest time. In the finals, he was putting up a strong pace early but shockingly failed the leap to the final board of The Hinge, coming just inches away from punching a ticket to Vegas. Sadly, he placed 17th overall and failed to move on for the first time in his career. However, the broadcast had him supposedly "on the bubble" and the broadcast says he had gotten 16th place. This could be due to Megan Martin placing 16th but still moving on to Vegas via the top 5/2 rule. However, Megan made it further than Michael so it could still be answered. It could possibly mean women who qualified through the rule are completely taken off the leaderboard placing Michael 16th with Megan moving on anyways. 

American Ninja Warrior 11

Torres returned to compete in Cincinnati on American Ninja Warrior 11 . His qualifying run was digested, but it was shown that he had failed all three attempts on the Mega Wall. He placed 12th overall and moved on to the city finals. During the city finals, he had cleared the course and placed 2nd overall, meaning that he would race Ethan Swanson on the Power Tower. On the Power Tower, Michael was behind but quickly edged out Ethan and won the Safety Pass. In Vegas, Torres finished on his first try, and moved on to Stage 2. He also completed Stage 2 on his first try and advanced to Stage 3, being the only Safety Pass winner who did not need to use it. In stage 3, he was able to make the swinging transition on the Ultimate Cliffhanger, but at that point, he was extremely tired and in pain and tried to rush the dismount near the end. He swung not nearly enough and came up a few inches short from landing the dismount.

Michael Torres at the National Finals - Stage 3 - American Ninja Warrior 2019

Michael Torres at the National Finals - Stage 3 - American Ninja Warrior 2019

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