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The Mashou Heki (魔性壁) was a Third Stage obstacle that was the final obstacle before the Final Stage in KUNOICHI 7. It was never attempted but was meant to be a more elaborate version of the Sending Climber, Hang Climbing, and Kabe Nobori from SASUKE.

It is a gigantic rock wall with four sections that the competitor must cross.

  • They start on a horizontal wall after transiting from a rope, using the narrow empty spaces on it to cross it.
  • They must then transition to a vertical wall that is 90 degrees to the right of the first wall, which also has empty spaces, but the women must climb up this wall instead of crossing it.
  • From this point onward, they must use rock-climbing artifacts scattered on the wall to climb. The third section is at an unknown acute angle, about 45° incline.
  • The final section straightens up to around the level of the Mujouheki from KUNOICHI 5. It is also scattered with rock-climbing artifacts.

Unlike most obstacles in the Third Stage at the time, the Mashou Heki was clearly a more strength-based obstacle, indicating the need for a different strategy. However, when the course was re-created as a racing competition in KUNOICHI 8, the Mashou Heki and the remainder of Stage 3 were all replaced with the Flying Roll.

A tester attempted the Mashou Heki during the opening of KUNOICHI 7.