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Main Deck (メインデッキ) was the fourth obstacle in the First Marine Stage in the first two VIKING tournaments, however it was removed in favour of Alphabet Parley and Island Escape in the next tournament, only to return in VIKING 4 as the seventh obstacle.

The obstacle consisted of two mast poles (one skinny and one large) that the competitor could choose from the crossover to the second half of the course. The poles had to be placed in support holes in order to create a path to then walk on. The large pole was the heavier of the two which could waste time if the competitor wasn't strong enough to lift but was the easiest to cross. Likewise, the skinny pole was the lighter of the two which would save time but because of it's small diameter, was difficult to cross. The skinny pole was chosen more during VIKING 1, but the large pole would be chosen more in VIKING 2.

Satō Hiromichi attempting the modified Main Deck in VIKING 4

In its return on VIKING 4, competitors were no longer given the choice between two poles as the skinny pole is removed. Instead, two large poles were placed for each competitor (as it was a Celebrities Head-to-Head tournament). A competitor could go with any of the poles and even could save their energy by traversing through the other competitor's pole should they already place it, though it increase the risk of the pole spinning faster due to the movements if both competitors were standing on it.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found
VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 27 32 84.38%
2 42 46 91.3%