Maggi Thorne is a marketing consultant and mother of three from Lincoln, Nebraska. She is the former wife of Fred Thorne, who competed in American Ninja Warrior 8 in Indianapolis. Maggi is also best friends and was college roommates with stuntwoman Jessie Graff.

American Ninja Warrior 6

Maggi first competed in Denver in American Ninja Warrior 6. She failed the Quintuple Steps in qualifying.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Although her former husband, Fred Thorne, competed in Indianapolis, Maggi herself actually competed in Philadelphia. Her run was cut, but she failed the Paddle Boards.

American Ninja Warrior 9

In shocking news, it was revealed that prior to this season, she underwent through a divorce with Fred Thorne. Maggi competed in Kansas City In American Ninja Warrior 9. She failed the fourth obstacle, Crank It Up, in qualifying, but she placed 5th overall in the womens' top 5 and advanced to the city finals.

In the city finals, Maggi became the first woman to complete Crank It Up. She later fell one obstacle later on the Bar Hop but ultimately placed 1st out of the top 2 women. She unfortunately failed the Double Dipper on Stage 1.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Thorne returned in American Ninja Warrior 10 in Minneapolis. She had a little trouble with the Double Twister, but was still able to complete the obstacle. However, she shockingly failed the Ring Jump, and did not make the womens' top 5.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Thorne returned in Oklahoma City for American Ninja Warrior 11. She had a rough stumble at the Diving Boards, but persevered and completed the obstacle, hanging on to the platform by her fingertips. Her run continued until she fell at the Coconut Climb. It was good enough to not only get her to second place on the womens' top 5, but also the top 30 overall, where she came in at 28th place.

In the city finals, she took a shot to the face on the Fly Wheels and had arguably the save of the night on the Diving Boards, when she faceplanted on the third board and was just narrowly able to reach the landing platform. She gritted her way past Coconut Climb, becoming the first woman to do so. She then became the second mom to get up the Warped Wall, and beasted her way through the Salmon Ladder. She later failed the Crazy Clocks one obstacle later. Unfortunately, she had the slowest time for a female competitor to that point, so she was eventually knocked out of the Women's Top 2 by her friend Barclay Stockett. Despite missing out on the Vegas finals, it was still a significant moment for her, as it was the best performance of her career.

However after her finals run she suffered from concussion due to the impact caused on the Diving Boards, and had to receive rehabilitation treatment. This had a massive impact on her, and as a result announced she would not return for American Ninja Warrior 12 as a result.

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