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Mack Roesch is a construction worker from Oldsmar, FL, who is best known for his nickname, the "King of All Obstacles".

Mack first competed in Atlanta in American Ninja Warrior 8. in Qualifying he had a close call on the Big Dipper but he was able to clear the course, placing 9th. In the city finals, his run was digested but it was shown that he failed the Floating Monkey Bars. Mack still placed 14th and moved onto the national finals in Vegas, where he fell on the Jumping Spider in stage 1.

Mack had returned in American Ninja Warrior 9, where he anticipated to go farther last season. However, he was overthrown early when he failed the third obstacle, the Wingnuts, in Daytona qualifying.

He also competed in Spartan Race Challenge Season 2 and his team won.

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