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Lumberjack Climb (ランバージャッククライム) is a First Stage obstacle that was first introduced in SASUKE 30 to replace Rope Ladder, which had been the final obstacle of First Stage since SASUKE 18.

Like Rope Ladder previously, this obstacle does not use Tarzan Rope to traverse the obstacle. Instead, competitors must land on a floating mat from Tarzan Rope, before using their hands and feet in a similar fashion to Spider Flip to climb a plank that was 6 metres in broadcast, however, due to the floating mat, competitors were only required to climb 5.4 metres of it.

Once the competitor is on the obstacle, the starting platform is pulled away, similar to the starting platform of every Salmon Ladder versions in Second Stage, meaning if competitors fell from the plank, they wouldn't be able to recover, as happened to Darvish Kenji in SASUKE 33.

Yamamoto Hiroshige attempting Lumberjack Climb in SASUKE 30

This obstacle acted more as a time waster, as most competitors failed here by timing out. However, with the introduction of Dragon Glider in SASUKE 35, which used a huge space, this obstacle, along with Tarzan Rope, were removed.

Other Appearances

SASUKE Vietnam

SASUKE Vietnam 4's Lumberjack Climb

Tiều Phu Về Đích (SASUKE Vietnam's official name for the Lumberjack Climb) appeared as the final obstacle in Stage 1B in SASUKE Vietnam 1, SASUKE Vietnam 3, SASUKE Vietnam 4, and SASUKE Vietnam 5, and Stage 1A in SASUKE Vietnam 2.

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
30 27 32 84.38%
31 17 20 85%
32 8 15 53.33%
33 13 14 92.86%
34 24 28 85.71%
Total 89 109 81.65%