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American Ninja Warrior 7's Log Runner in San Pedro (Military)

The Log Runner is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the third obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 7 in San Pedro (Military).

The Log Runner is a combination of the Spinning Bridge and Spinning Log. It is known for having arguably the toughest modification on American Ninja Warrior 8.

It consisted of four free-spinning equidistant logs which competitors must run across, each four feet distant from each other. The obstacle was proven to be the most challenging obstacle in San Pedro, as several competitors either failed to land their feet at the very middle of the log and slipped off, or touched a log with their hands, resulting in a disqualification. In it

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 8

American Ninja Warrior 8's Log Runner in Oklahoma City

The Log Runner returned as the third obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 8 in Oklahoma City. This time: 

  • There were five logs instead of four. The first three logs were gradually raised by six inches each, only until the fourth log. Then, the fifth log was also raised.
  • Competitors would not be disqualified for touching a log with their hands. The twist with the fourth log being level ended up being the reason why the disqualification was lifted. 

Although competitors could use their hands while attempting the obstacle, during Oklahoma City qualifiers, the Log Runner was proven to be surprisingly brutal, as it was responsible for eliminating many top competitors, including Lance Pekus, Kevin Klein, Kacy Catanzaro, Rose Wetzel, Barclay Stockett in her rookie season, Amanda Smith, Kim Proctor, Tim Wood, and Scott Stoddard. This was also the obstacle no female competitor during Oklahoma City qualifiers could get past. The Log Runner was revealed to have taken out 36 competitors during Oklahoma City qualifiers. 

It was just as deadly during Oklahoma City finals, as eight more competitors (Brian Burkhardt, Geoff Lancaster, Andrew Potter, Brian Doom, Brian Beckstrand, Diron Jones, Cass Clawson, and Alexander Moran) fell here, once again usually around the fourth log. 

Artis Thompson III attempted the Log Runner during American Ninja Warrior 8's Oklahoma City qualifiers

A unique completion on the obstacle occurred during Oklahoma City qualifiers, when Artis Thompson III attempted it with his prosthetic leg. His feet slipped at the second log, but he was able to save himself by grabbing the third log with his hands. Then, he slowly crawled across the obstacle, log by log, and finally to the landing platform. Though he ultimately gassed out at the end of the next obstacle (the Tire Swing), his performance at that time was awarded the "POM Run of the Night". This was the first occurrence when the "POM Run of the Night" was not awarded from a completion on a course.

American Ninja Warrior 13

American Ninja Warrior 13's Log Runner in the fourth qualifiers episode

On American Ninja Warrior 13, the Log Runner appeared as the third obstacle during the fourth episode of the qualifiers. This time, the obstacle featured five logs with each log being placed higher than the previous one, and was paired with the Block Run as part of the Split Decision. Also, competitors must be upright on the landing platform in order for them to complete the obstacle (i.e. although competitors would not be instantly disqualified for touching the logs, competitors could not crawl through the logs after stumbling, or else they would be disqualified then).

In the fourth qualifiers episode, a total of five competitors failed on the obstacle, including Verdale Benson (who was disqualified for the reason stated above). Additionally, almost every competitor who at least reached the Split Decision chose to attempt this obstacle. Ethan Swanson and Allyssa Beird were the only two competitors who did not attempt this obstacle, instead deciding on attempting the Block Run.

American Ninja Warrior 13's Log Runner in in the fifth qualifiers episode

Then, the obstacle reappeared in the same position during the fifth episode of the qualifiers, but the number of logs was reduced to just four, likely to increase the attempts of Block Run.

At there, six competitors failed the obstacle this time, including Levi Enright. Additionally, Leif Sundberg had a very hard escape when he attempted the obstacle, tripping and hitting the final log very hard. Though he later completed the obstacle, he spent at least a full minute getting his legs to the previous log before reaching the landing platform without being disqualified.

Other Appearances

Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK 3's Log Runner

The Log Runner appeared as the third obstacle in Heat 2 and Heat 5 on Ninja Warrior UK 3, which was very similar to the Log Runner from American Ninja Warrior 8, except the logs were not raised, making them had the same height. Also, competitors were allowed to use their hands while attempting the obstacle.

Ninja Warrior UK 4's Log Runner

Then, the obstacle appeared as the third obstacle during the finals' Stage 1 on Ninja Warrior UK 4. This time, the first four logs were on the same height, while the fifth log was raised.

Ninja Warrior UK 5's Log Runner

On Ninja Warrior UK 5, the Log Runner appeared once again as the third obstacle during the finals' Stage 1. This time, the first three logs and the fifth log remained the same as on the previous season, with the fourth log being raised (making it higher than the first three logs, but lower than the fifth log).

Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 5's Log Runner

On Australian Ninja Warrior 5, the Log Runner appeared as the first obstacle during the semifinals. The obstacle was made similar to the one used on Ninja Warrior UK 4, except the raise was not too large. Competitors were also allowed to use their hands while attempting the obstacle.

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