This List of SASUKE qualifiers showcases the different trials worldwide that are used as entry points for competitors into the SASUKE competition.



The SASUKE Trials are a series of preliminary events designed to test people for SASUKE. Usually, the top 1 to 8 people in any trial is given a ticket to SASUKE to compete. The trials started in SASUKE 13 and have continued until the latest tournament SASUKE 25. Usually, these preliminary trials are broadcast on a half-hour SASUKE-related show, such as SASUKE MANIAC.



There has so far been only one Taiwanese trial, held before SASUKE 17. The course consisted of a rock wall and a version of the Tarzan Rope. Li En Zhi won the trials and was joined by Charles Chen. While Chen went out early, Zhi made it all the way to the Second Stage's Metal Spin. Zhi was often re-invited as a Taiwanese representative and wound up becoming one of SASUKE's elite competitors.

Golden Sun TV

After JET TV lost the license to SASUKE, Golden Sun TV announced a second Taiwanese trials. An undisclosed amount of winners were to join Li En Zhi at SASUKE 26. Golden Sun TV was accepting applications, but a trial was never held.

United States

American Ninja Challenge

The American Ninja Challenge(s) are the preliminary trials hosted by G4 to determine the representatives for SASUKE. The trials started in the Summer of 2007 for SASUKE 19 and continue to this day. The fifth American Ninja Challenge has been renamed American Ninja Warrior and will be its own show on G4 in the fall.

American Ninja Warrior

The popularity of the American Ninja Challenge has led G4 to create an licensed version of SASUKE, from series distributor Tokyo Broadcasting System titled American Ninja Warrior, with all contestants from the United States and all play-by-play commentary in English. In early seasons, the show would send 10 competitors to Japan to attempt SASUKE. But starting on American Ninja Warrior 4, a Mt. Midoriyama course was built on US soil, and would also mean that more competitors would attempt the finals.

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