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The following is a list of obstacles in SASUKE's stages. The obstacles are listed by TBS obstacle names, with the SASUKE competitions it appeared in right next to it, and the G4 obstacle name (or Challenge obstacle name for RISING onward) listed after that. Challlenge names are marked with asterisks.

To see a graphical representation of obstacles in each competition, please visit the First Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage, or Final Stage. To see a short description for the function of each obstacle, please visit the article List of SASUKE obstacles (Obstacle Description).

First Stage[]

Second Stage[]

Third Stage[]

Final Stage[]

SASUKE 1-4[]

SASUKE 5-17[]

SASUKE 18-24[]

SASUKE 25-27[]


SASUKE 29-31[]

SASUKE 32-38[]

SASUKE 39~[]

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