Lindsay Eskildsen is a web developer who first competed in Daytona Beach, Florida in American Ninja Warrior 9.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Her run was digested in qualifying but it was shown that she failed Rolling Thunder. She ultimately placed 2nd among the top 5 women and advanced to the city finals.

In the city finals,she failed Rolling Thunder again. Her time in qualifying should have put her in the 29th spot, however it did not go through on the broadcast (because she already had a spot in the city finals, the broadcast wanted to have a few more men). . She did place 2nd again in the women's top 2 and moved on to Vegas. Her run on Stage 1 was digested but it was shown that she fell on the Double Dipper.

Eskildsen did compete as a member of Alan Connealy's West Coast Warriors team in American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Eskildsen returned to compete in Miami in American Ninja Warrior 10. Even though she fell on the Slippery Summit in qualifying, she placed 26th overall and moved on to the city finals.

Her city finals run was digested but it was shown that she shockingly failed the Cannonball Drop, and didn't qualify for Vegas.

In 2019, she officially married ANW competitor Joe Greene. She later took American Ninja Warrior 11 off as she was pregnant with her first child. Their newborn daughter, Ava Greene, was born on June 4, 2019.

SASUKE Vietnam 4

She also got the opportunity to compete In SASUKE Vietnam 4 , where she fell at the Hedgehog.


American Ninja Warrior Result Notes
ANW9 Failed Double Dipper (First Stage) Digest
ANW10 Failed Cannonball Drop (Miami City Finals) Digest
SASUKE Vietnam Number Result Notes
SASUKE Vietnam 4 813 Failed Rope Jungle (Stage 2) Lost her grip at the stationary rope. Stage 1B's Wildcard.


  • On American Ninja Warrior 9, her time to the Rolling Thunder technically ranked her 29th overall, as she made there in 2:21.10, seven seconds faster than Royall Eason (who was officially ranked on broadcast as the 29th spot, getting there in 2:28.20). The reason the error was broadcasted this way is unknown.


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