Landon Fischer is a gymnastics coach from Clovis, California. He participated in the American Ninja Warrior Snapchat series, hosted by Grant McCartney, and was the male winner of the competition.

As one of two winners on the Snapchat competition, he, along with Amanda Masongsong (the female winner), was granted an automatic chance to run the ANW 11 course.

American Ninja Warrior 11

He ran the course in Cincinnati after his success in the Snapchat competition. Although his run was cut on the actual broadcast, it was shown as a digital exclusive on YouTube. From there, he blazed through the first three obstacles, he didn't get enough momentum on the Wingnuts, whiffing the last one, and fell into the water below.

While he was shown getting to the fourth obstacle, on, he is officially listed as failing the Spinning Bridge. This is because while it was not officially acknowledged on YouTube during his run, he skipped the middle and touched the last ball with his hand. Although he was able to continue before crashing down one obstacle later, he was ulitmately disqualified there because using hands was not allowed on the platforms. The same disqualifications also happened to Sophia Oster and Ian Dory on the same night.

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