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Lê Văn Thực is a gym coach in Vĩnh Phúc, who is well known for his total victory in SASUKE Vietnam 2.

On SASUKE Vietnam 1, he became the first person in Sasuke Vietnam history to complete Cliffhanger Kai in Third Stage and to become the Last Man Standing, as he went far to the Stage 3's final obstacle, the Pipe Slider.

He returned on SASUKE Vietnam 2, and he had his revenge on the Pipe Slider and completed the stage. In Stage 4, he went on to clear the stage with 6.44 seconds remaining, achieving the competition's third kanzenseiha (as David Campbell became the first and Nguyễn Phước Huynh became the second). But with him having a faster time than both Campbell and Huynh, he was considered the winner of the competition, and won 800.000.000 VND.

In the international competition in SASUKE Vietnam 2 , he is captain team Vietnam. He clear First Stage on 43,69 seconds. He clear Second Stage at 48,96 seconds. After that, he disqualified in Pipe Slider in Third Stage, but he clear Final Stage in 27,02 seconds

With him being the champion of the competition, he returned on SASUKE Vietnam 3, but he shockingly failed on the Goren Hammer on Stage 1A, as he touched the third hammer with his hand.

Due to his performance in SASUKE Vietnam 2, he was invited to join Team Asia in American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World 4, with Morimoto Yūsuke, Kawaguchi Tomohiro, and Yosua Laskaman Zalukhu as his teammates. He was chosen to run the first heat of Stage One, but he went out at the third obstacle, the Double Dipper, as he lost his grip just before the dismount. As Karl Fow completed Stage One, Joe Moravsky failed the Domino Pipes and Øssur Eirikfoss failed the Jumping Spider, he couldn't get a point for Team Asia.

He returned on SASUKE Vietnam 4, but he shockingly failed on the Tick Tock on Stage 1A, when he disqualified due to touching his leg into the pendulum while swinging to the pendulum.

It was revealed on his Facebook that he didn't compete on SASUKE Vietnam 5 to have time for his family, his works and his friends.


Sasuke Vietnam seasons Results Note
1 Falled Pipe Slider (3rd Stage) Last Man Standing
2 Kanzenseiha(23.58 s) With him being the fastest time, he became the champion of the tournament , last man standing
3 Falled Goren Hammer (Stage 1A) Touched the third hammer with his hand
4 Failed Tick Tock ( Stage 1A ) Disqualified due to touching his leg into the pendulum while swinging to the pendulum