Kyle Soderman is a ninja coach and current stuntman from Minnesota. He worked alongside Hunter Guerard and Sarah Schoback in Schoback's Ninja Warrior gym, Obstacle Academy.

He currently works as a stuntman for Los Angeles' Universal Studios, which is where the Los Angeles courses have always been held since American Ninja Warrior 8.

Soderman first competed in American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja, as a member of the Lizard Kings. However, he didn't make his regular season debut until American Ninja Warrior 11.

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja

During his experience as a member of the Lizard Kings in Ninja vs. Ninja, he won the first race against Kevin Bull in Round 1. However, he later lost against Daniel Gil in a race against the Iron Grip. However, their team struggled heavily on the relay race, with him tripping on the Floating Tiles and causing a 5-second penalty for his teammate, Hunter Guerard. Their team ultimately lost the relay races against Iron Grip.

He did manage to bounce back winning races against Ethan Swanson from the Midwest Muscle in the wildcard round and Adam Rayl from the Tri Hards in the playoffs. But the end of the relay against the Tri Hards, they lost against them.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Kyle Soderman, however, did not participate in the regular season until American Ninja Warrior 11 in Los Angeles.

During qualifiers, he and Hunter Guerard were anticipating to go head to head on the new Power Tower. While Kyle managed to breeze through the first five obstacles in almost 70 seconds, he made a huge gamble to go for the Mega Wall. From there, he came fingertips from finishing with a top 2 time and therefore participate against Guerard in the Power Tower. He was unable to succeed in his next two attempts, therefore failing the Mega Wall in qualifying and placing 12th overall.

Kyle Soderman Slips Up - American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles City Finals 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Kyle Soderman Slips Up - American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles City Finals 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

In the city finals, Kyle's run was digested, but it was shown that he blazed through the first six obstacles, but he shockingly failed on the Salmon Ladder, placing 22nd and ultimately not moving on to National Finals. His full run, however, was shown as a digital exclusive, where it was explained that he had a good run going, but got careless on the third rung, causing the left side to be uneven.


  • Due to his explosive speed, Kyle got the nickname Soda-Pop from Akbar during Ninja Vs. Ninja.
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