Kuramochi Minoru (倉持 稔) , widely referred to by his fans as Mr. Octopus, is a challenger of SASUKE. His main trademark is bringing octopi onto the starting line in an assortment of ways. Although he has founded a name for himself, competing in SASUKE 18 times, he has not been known as much of a winner; he has repeatedly failed the first obstacle of the first stage, making it to the third obstacle at best.

In SASUKE 9 he got stuck halfway through the Godantobi and attempted to recover his momentum, but slipped off the last step and failed.

In SASUKE 11 he failed the Godantobi again.

In SASUKE 12 he slipped on the Yamagoe while transitioning to the second hill.

In SASUKE 13 he failed the Prism See-Saw.

In SASUKE 14 he made it to the end of the Ensuitobi, but fell.

In SASUKE 15 he managed to clear the Hurdle Jump, but failed to catch the Butterfly Wall and fell into the water.

In SASUKE 16 he was able to clear the Rokudantobi by clinging to the top of the 5th step before making it to the mat, but was subsequently eliminated on the Sandan Rolling Maruta. Failing there again in SASUKE 17 in an all cut performance.

In SASUKE 18 he failed the Rope Glider.

In SASUKE 19 he cleared both the Rokudantobi and the Log Grip, but when he got to the Pole Maze he hesitated and ended up stranded on the pole unable to move it from it's start position. He spent most of his run clinging to the pole and even doing the splits to stay above water, however by the time he got back to the mat time expired.

In SASUKE 20 he missed the 5th step on the Rokudantobi and failed.

In SASUKE 22 he failed the Rokudantobi again, this time coming up short from the end mat.

In SASUKE 23 he failed the Junidantobi about halfway across.

In SASUKE 24 he got stuck, but made it to the very end of the Junidantobi, but once again fell short of the end mat.

In SASUKE 25 he made it to the end of the Dome Steps, but slipped off the last step and failed.

In SASUKE 26, Kuramochi gave his most impressive performance. He reached all the way to the Rolling Escargot where he failed near the end of the obstacle. Mr. Octopus over-passed many notable competitors as Kanno Hitoshi, Takahashi Kenji, Miyazaki Daisuke and Yamamoto Shingo.

In SASUKE 27 many expected him to repeat his performance, but sadly he missed the rope on the Step Slider and failed.

His final tournament was in SASUKE 28 where he made it to the 4th step of the Godantobi, however he slipped and fell into the water.

He, Harashima Masami, and Aoki Yasuo are usually given consecutive start positions.

He also performed well in VIKING 2 as he made it all the way to the Parley.

In VIKING 3 and beat the Parley, but failed the Cannonball. He works and owns the Edokko Pub.


SASUKE # Result Notes
9 47 Failed Godantobi (First Stage)
11 54 Failed Godantobi (First Stage)
12 22 Failed Yamagoe (First Stage)
13 54 Failed Prism See-Saw (First Stage)
14 29 Failed Ensuitobi (First Stage)
15 30 Failed Butterfly Wall (First Stage)
16 37 Failed Sandan Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
17 Failed Sandan Rolling Maruta (First Stage) All Cut. Broadcast on SASUKE Maniac.
18 10 Failed Rope Glider (First Stage)
19 Failed Pole Maze (First Stage) Time Out, some Cut.
20 1938 Failed Rokudandobi (First Stage)
22 34 Failed Rokudandobi (First Stage)
23 39 Failed Jyunidantobi (First Stage)
24 38 Failed Jyunidantobi (First Stage)
25 43 Failed Dome Steps (First Stage)
26 48 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage)
27 37 Failed Step Slider (First Stage)
28 53 Failed Godantobi (First Stage)
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