Kujirai Yasutoshi (鯨井 保年) is a competitive lifesaver who entered three SASUKE competitions. He is known for having high numbers as his lowest number position was 85.

He attempted Sasuke 3 with a number of 98. He was able to clear stage one on his first try. In stage two, he wasn't able to get good enough traction at the beginning of the Spider Walk. Because of this, he failed at the start of the Ugokukabe.

In Sasuke 4, he failed the Rope Climb and coursed out at the metal frames after timing out.

Sasuke 5 was his final appearance and took on a new course. He understandably failed the Jump Hang.


SASUKE # Result Notes
3 98 Failed Ugokukabe (Second Stage)
4 85 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out, Middle Cut.
5 95 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
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