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Komiya Rie (小宮理英) is one of the "KUNOICHI" All Stars, and is one of three competitors to earn kanzenseiha. When she first made her debut in KUNOICHI, she was the Wondergirl and Broadcaster for TBS. She is also known for being a model and a Muscle Musical Member. Rie's hometown is in Saitama Prefecture.


Despite her model appearance, Rie is one of the more athletic female competitors of KUNOICHI, often passing the first three stages with ease.

She first debuted in KUNOICHI 4, wearing the number 70. There, she would go all the way to the Third Stage, in which she failed in the Red Zone of the Tourenban.

In KUNOICHI 5, she got her revenge on the Tourenban and advanced to the Final Stage, along with Miyake Ayako, who achieved kanzenseiha in the previous tournament. She would eventually time out on the Tenkubou, about 1m short for achieving kanzenseiha.

Following Miyake Ayako's two consecutive kanzenseiha achievement, Komiya returned for KUNOICHI 6, but her run was short-lived as she fell on the Hishouchu, a First Stage obstacle.

By KUNOICHI 7, she had become a Muscle Musical Member, along with the likes of competitors such as Miyake Ayako, who just achieved kanzenseiha for three consecutive KUNOICHI tournaments, and Asami Sayaka. In that tournament, she would fail the Tsuri Hashigo in the Second Stage, as she fell from the last bar.

Under the new KUNOICHI system applied in KUNOICHI 8, three competitors are qualified for the redesigned Final Stage. Komiya, along with Kadoi Satomi and Arimatsu Tomomi, would advance the Final Stage. Being the first to attempt the stage, there is pressure as this is the first time since KUNOICHI 5 in which she attempted the Final Stage. But she managed to complete the stage with 3.7 seconds remaining, achieving kanzenseiha for the first time. This makes her just the second competitor to achieve kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI.

Later on that night, Kadoi Satomi also achieved kanzenseiha, marking this tournament the first one with multiple competitors to achieve kanzenseiha in any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior format.

Rie is now married, and is still close friends with Miyake Ayako and Asami Sayaka. She split away from the Muscle Musical and works alongside them on PADMA.


Rie's first SASUKE appearance was in SASUKE 21. She cleared the first three obstacles with ease, however when she got to the Jumping Spider she could not hold on to the walls and splashed into the water.

In SASUKE 22, she made the exact same mistake as before, except coursed out.

In the next tournament, she cleared this obstacle but could not become the first woman to clear the Half-Pipe Attack. After that she returned for SASUKE 24, and unexpectedly failed the Log Grip. Then, she competed in SASUKE 26 and SASUKE 27, where she failed the Rolling Escargot twice.


Rie has also appeared on VIKING twice. There she failed the Castaway in her first appearance but in her second, she made it to the final obstacle in the First Stage before timing out.


  • While working as a Broadcaster, Rie made appearances on NHK, and Fuji TV as well as appearing in cosmetics commercials.
  • Komiya is the second competitor to achieve kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI.
  • Komiya is the only competitor to achieve kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI who attempted the Final Stage in the past, as both Miyake Ayako and Kadoi Satomi achieved kanzenseiha on their first appearances in KUNOICHI.
  • With Komiya and Kadoi Satomi achieving kanzenseiha in the same tournament in KUNOICHI 8, this tournament became the first one with multiple competitors to achieve kanzenseiha in any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior format.
  • The three competitors who achieved kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI, Komiya, Miyake Ayako, and Kadoi Satomi are all members of the Muscle Musical.



KUNOICHI # Result Notes
4 70 Failed Tourenban (Third Stage) Red Zone
5 72 Failed Tenkubou (Final Stage) About 14m up.
6 57 Failed Hishouchu All Cut.
7 80 Failed Tsuri Hashigo (Second Stage) Fell from last bar while trying to swing onto the platform.
8 38 Kanzenseiha 3.7 seconds remaining. First to clear KUNOICHI 8's Final Stage. Second competitor to achieve kanzenseiha in KUNOICHI.

SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
21 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) All Cut.
22 64 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Course Out.
23 37 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage)
24 57 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
26 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage)
27 40 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage) All Cut.

VIKING Results

VIKING # Result Notes
2 24 Failed Castaway (First Stage)
3 21 Failed Captain's Cabin (First Stage) Time Out