Koike Aoi competed 3 times in KUNOICHI and four times in SASUKE.


In KUNOICHI 4, she reached the Hop Rocket, but once again she fell back into the water. Finally, In KUNOICHI 5, she fell on the dancing stones after rushing.


Her first tournament was SASUKE 12, where she fell early on the Hill Climb. In SASUKE 13, she fell on the the Jump Hang with hanging ropes. In SASUKE 14, she failed the Butterfly wall and was digested.

KUNOICHI # Result Notes
4 41 Failed Hop Rocket (1st Stage) All Cut.
5 42 Failed Dancing Stones (1st Stage) All Cut.
SASUKE # Result Notes
10 989 Failed Jump Hang (1st Stage)
12 17 Failed Yamagoe (1st Stage) Digest.
13 85 Failed Jump Hang (1st Stage) All Cut.
14 72 Failed Butterfly Wall (1st Stage) Digest.
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