Kinniku Banzuke was the predecessor show to SASUKE. It ran from October 14, 1995 to May 4, 2002 and ran the first nine SASUKE tournaments as specials. Unlike SASUKE, which is one event with four stages, Banzuke had over twenty events with one stage each. However, like SASUKE, when a competitor earned kanzenseiha in one of the events, it was completely redesigned but the general purpose stayed the same. To reflect this, the event name had a roman numeral added to the end of it (ex. Hand Walk II). Due to two competitors getting greatly injured in a new event called "Power Island" the show was canceled and SASUKE became an independant program starting with SASUKE 10.


Concepts Used In SASUKE

Many obstacles, events, and concepts were reused for the SASUKE tournament, which itself was a spinoff of SASUKE.

  • Deadly Hammers - This obstacle was used in many events and was later recycled into the Goren Hammer. It was based off of the version used in Like a Pierrot IV.
  • Spider Walk - This was both an event in Banzuke and an obstacle in SASUKE. In the first four SASUKE's the Spider Walk was very long and similar to the event, but it was shortened for SASUKE 5.
  • Stage system - This was used in the Trampoline event and later in SASUKE.
  • Conveyor Belt - This obstacle was used in several events and was later named the Gyakusō Conveyor (Reverse Conveyor from SASUKE 32 onward and KUNOICHI 9 onward). It was the same in every event save for Like a Pierrot V, where instead of simply going forward against the movement of the conveyor belt, competitors instead had to stay away from a gate that would close for ten seconds while the conveyor belt moved forwards towards the gate.


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