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American Ninja Warrior 14's Kickboards

The Kickboards is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fourth obstacle in the third episode of qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 14, and later appeared during the fourth episode of qualifiers.

It consists of two 50-pound boards with discs attached on the panel and a series of bars. The first board consists of two free-spinning discs with different sizes, while the second board consists of one free-spinning disc with parts of the disc removed. The middle of the disc has a soft material attached to make it safer for competitors to kick the board.

Competitors first have to jump off a mini-tramp to reach a trapeze bar. Then they must swing themselves to kick the middle of the disc to lock in the first board. Once the board is locked in, they must make a transition to the discs. They must then transfer to a series of bars. From there, they must hold on to another trapeze bar to kick the disc to lock in the second board. They must once again make a transfer to the disc and make a dismount to the platform.

During the third episode of qualifiers, it was shown to be difficult for women competitors, as only Addy Herman and Jesse Labreck could complete it. Notable women competitors eliminated by this obstacle were Abbey Steffl and Maggi Thorne.

However, during the fourth episode of qualifiers, things turned out in opposite direction. There were less clears as only 28 competitors could complete it, thus being the cut-off for the top 30. But in contrast, five women competitors completed this obstacle, including Isabella Wakeham and Barclay Stockett.


  • The obstacle was originally named as the Ceiling Fans.

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