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The Kenzandou (剣山道) was the first obstacle in the Third Stage for KUNOICHI 6 and 7. It consists of six small platforms elevated above a pool of water at different heights, with three higher ones on the left and three lower ones on the right in an alternating pattern. Competitors did not have to utilize all of the pegs to complete.

In KUNOICHI 6, the competitors that passed the obstacle jumped across the first five alternating pegs, then jumped straight from the fifth peg to the platform. In KUNOICHI 7, Tanaka Maho jumped from the first peg to the second, and then only used the lower pegs.

It was removed in KUNOICHI 8 when the Third Stage format was changed into the Flying Roll.

Higashi Rena on the Kenzandou, KUNOICHI 6

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
6 6 8 75%
7 1 1 100%
Total 7 9 77.78%