Kelvin Antoine is a Forklift Operator from Central America who competed in 4 American Ninja Warrior tournaments.

In American Ninja Warrior 2, he came on as one of the oldest men at 51 years old. He shocked everyone when he managed to clear the Quad Steps with a one-footed technique, but on the Rope Swing, he got too low on the rope and his weight placed at him a disadvantage, causing him to miss the platform and slide back into the water.

In American Ninja Warrior 3, he returned even strong, as he cleared the 2 new obstacles, the Log Grip, and the Jump Hang. But sadly, he failed the trampoline jump up to the Jumping Bars.

In American Ninja Warrior 4, he made history as the oldest man ever to finish the Qualifying Round, but failed the Warped Wall in the regional finals. But he still managed to make it to the National Finals as one of the 10 wildcards in the competition. He lost his balance after dismounting off the Giant Swing and got a course-out.

In American Ninja Warrior 5, he came into Venice Qualifying 12 pounds lighter, but his weight was still too much for him to hold on the Frame Slider when he failed to lock his legs in on the bottomless frame.  He managed to make it to Las Vegas as a wildcard again. In Vegas, he cleared the first three obstacles, but failed another wedging obstacle, the Jumping Spider.

He then competed one year later in American Ninja Warrior 6, but failed the Spinning Wheel, a portion of the Rolling Escargot. He has not competed on American Ninja Warrior since.

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