Kane Kosugi (ケイン・コスギ) is an action star, originally from Los Angeles, California, who attempted SASUKE five times. He is also the first American to attempt the course.

He started to compete in the 1st tournament, where he was able to reach the Third Stage only to fail the first obstacle, the Pole Bridge.

He returned after 2 competitions hiatus in SASUKE 4, where he easily cleared the First Stage with 14 seconds left and then he passed the Second Stage with just 2.3 seconds remaining. However, in the Third Stage he went out on the new deadly Cliffhanger, being one of the five to do so.

After another hiatus he again returned in SASUKE 6. Here, he passed Stage One without any problem, with 14.7 seconds left on the clock. After that he passed the Second Stage like all the competitors in that tournament. In the Third Stage, he would struggle immensely on the Body Prop and ultimately he lost his grip halfway on the obstacle.

In SASUKE 7 he smashed the First Stage with 16.6 seconds remaining, however he unexpectedly went out on the revamped Spider Walk on Stage Two, after struggling to walk across the obstacle and falling into the water when time was about to expire. He decided to start immediately the obstacle without using the spray, and this probably costed him the defeat.

In his final appearance in SASUKE 8, despite a downpour that upset the course, he was not discouraged and cleared with 10,5 seconds left on the clock. In the Second Stage, thanks to the increasing time limit exclusively for that particular tournament, he took his time taking the spray before the Spider Walk and so he was able to clear the obstacle and the Stage. On the Third Stage he managed to avenge his past Body Prop defeat and later he even cleared the Cliffhanger. He also defeated the Pipe Slider, advancing all the way to the Final Stage. Here, due to the prohibitive climatic condition, he had some problems on the Spider Climb, barely passing it before the walls separations. He managed to arrive about 5 meters away from the gol before time expired on the Tsuna Nobori. After so, he started crying while he was thrown down to the ground. His SASUKE adventure came to an end.

Around SASUKE 11, in an interview with the Kinniku Banzuke successor, Taiku Ookoku, he said, "私は訓練に時間があれば、私は競争したいと思います。", which roughly translates to, "If I have time to train, I would like to compete." However, he has not competed since SASUKE 8 due to his acting career demanding more focus.

He competed in Daruma 7 with his brother. He showboated each time he cleared a level. However, he failed only getting 2 levels cleared. He also competed in Trampoline, clearing the first level only to fail the next jump.

On September of 2016, Acko Mladevonic asked Kane Kosugi on Twitter if he would return in SASUKE 33. Kane replied with “No plans to try SASUKE so far, maybe one day”. This means that Kane could return in the future.


  • Kosugi was the first American and the first non-Japanese competitor to attempt SASUKE.
  • Kosugi is the only competitor who has competed at least 5 times and never fail the First Stage.
  • Kosugi is only one of four people who could reach the top support of the Jump Hang, as he achieved that feat in SASUKE 7.
  • Kosugi is the first and thus far only American to make it to the Final Stage in SASUKE.  
  • Kosugi, Geoff BrittenIsaac CaldieroDavid CampbellMike BernardoDrew Drechsel, and Daniel Gil are the only 7 Americans to finish Third Stage in any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior competition.  
  • Kosugi is one of the four foreigners who attempted the Final Stage, along with Jordan Jovtchev in SASUKE 8, Lee En-Chih in SASUKE 24, and Rene Kaselowsky in SASUKE 37.
    • However, during the SASUKE 37 broadcast, there was no mention of Kosugi's Final Stage attempt during SASUKE 8 possibly due to his Japanese heritage. As Kaselowsky was considered the third foreigner who attempted the Final Stage, with Jovtchev being the first and En-Chih being the second. This is even though there is a footage of him attempting the Final Stage present in the broadcast.
  • Kosugi was invited to compete in SASUKE 30, however once again he declined.
  • Kosugi competed with his brother, Shane Kosugi, on several occasions.
  • In JET TV broadcasts, Kosugi is referred in the subtitles as KEN.


SASUKE # Result Notes
1 89 Failed Pole Bridge (Third Stage)
4 97 Failed Cliff Hanger (Third Stage)
6 98 Failed Body Prop (Third Stage)
7 98 Failed Spider Walk (Second Stage)
8 91 Failed Tsuna Nobori (Final Stage) Time Out, about 17m up.


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