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Kaden Lebsack is high school sophomore from Castle Rock, Colorado who trains with fellow competitors Ethan Swanson and Jake Murray.

Before he competed on the main show, he competed on American Ninja Warrior Junior 2. There thanks due a wildcard, he was the runner-up of that season for the 13-14 age group. His overall record was 5-3 as he lost to Blake Feero twice and then the eventual champion Vance Walker in the finals.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 13

He then later competed in the second qualifying episode of American Ninja Warrior 13. He put up one of the most impressive run of the season as he was one of only seven competitors who got past V Formation that round and he cleared with fastest time out of seven finishers. He then competed in the second semifinals episode. Surprisingly, his run was digested, but it was shown that he was one of seven competitors who got past the 8th obstacle Padlock and he once again cleared the course, and qualified for the national finals. He placed 3rd overall, missing a chance to be on the Power Tower by 4 seconds.

In the national finals, his stage 1 run was also digested, but it was shown that he cleared stage 1 with 31.5 seconds remaining. On stage 2, he cleared it with the fastest time, with 28.56 seconds remaining. On stage 3, he put up another good run, being able to finish the Eyeglass Alley unlike the other two who failed it, and then completed stage 3, being the first rookie and the youngest person to make it to stage 4. He has the best rookie attempt in American Ninja Warrior history beating Vance Walker, Seth Rogers, Brent Steffensen, and Joe Moravsky respectfully.

On stage 4, he first went at a good pace, until midway, where he had to use his legs to get up faster, and unfortunately timed out at around 65 feet. He was still able to achieve the Last Man Standing and win the $100,000 prize.

American Ninja Warrior 14

Kaden returned for his second season in the third qualifying episode. Once again, he had no problems on the course and he once again cleared, this time doing so with the second fastest time. Kaden later competed in the third semifinals episode. There he once again had no problems on the course and despite looking tired at the end he once again cleared the semifinals course and placed 4th overall.


  • With his performance on American Ninja Warrior 13, Lebsack became the youngest competitor to attempt Stage Four at the age of fifteen years old during taping.
  • He is the first ever rookie to attempt Stage Four on any American Ninja Warrior competition.
  • Kaden's Stage 3 was voted the Best Buzzer of the national finals on American Ninja Warrior Nation.

American Ninja Warrior Results

ANW # Result Notes
13 Failed Rope Climb (Stage Four) Time Out. About 70 Feet Up.