KUNOICHI 7, official name: KUNOICHI2007秋 (literally: KUNOICHI 2007 Fall) was the Seventh Kunoichi held. During this tournament, temperatures approached 100 degrees Fahrenheit, "The mid-summer sun beats down on Midoriyama like an enemy!" "A cool South Seas breeze has blown in to combat the heat of the day." This was the first tournament after Miyake Ayako's third consecutive kanzenseiha.

For this tournament, added new obstacle the Tobii Sou, and eliminating competitors. The Haso Tobi was modified with the addition of a yellow post to land on, and a new obstacle, the Danchigaibou, was added. The new Danchigaibou proved to be extremely dangerous, as it wiped out a fair share of competitors on the day, including Mori Yoko (due to the pressure of needing to reach the Shouchu in time, competitors had to take it at speed, and many overbalanced and fell off), while several others failed the newly modified Haso Tobi, including Mizuno Yuko. Eventually, only 4 competitors cleared the First Stage, including three time Kunoichi champion Miyake Ayako, former finalists Komiya Rie and Tanaka Maho, and Nishimura Chie, the first women to clear the First Stage of SASUKE. In stage 2, the Tsuri Hashigo took out Komiya, while Nishimura timed out after struggling with the swinging beams, and Miyake shocked everyone by failing the swinging beams, marking the first time she ever failed the course. Only Tanaka was able to reach Stage 3, but she ended up failing Domino Hill, which she had beaten in the previous tournament, leaving the Mashou Heki and the Final Stage untouched since KUNOICHI 2.

First Stage


^Tobii Sou 飛石走

^Danchigaibou 段違棒

③ *Shouchu 飛翔柱

Fuandou 不安道

Enchū Nori 円柱乗

Haso Tobi 八艘跳

Samenso 斜面走

Hashigo 忍梯子

Time Limit: 90 seconds

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
1 Kitamoto Ayako (24) Nadeshiko Japan Soccer Player Enchū Nori 円柱乗 First to beat Tobii Sou and Danchigaibou.
2 Chukky (25) Hula Dancer Danchigaibou 段違棒
3 Karey Watanabe (40) Professional MTB Rider Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 1-1, Course Out.
4 Wu Chao (15) Chinese Acrobat Danchigaibou 段違棒 Course Out.
5 Marieme Massaly (28) Model / Track Runner Danchigaibou 段違棒
6 Minami Kanako (25) Brazil Representative / Singer Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 1-2
7 Morimoto Sayaka (22) Actress in Idoling!!! Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 1-3
8 Ogita Tokie (33) Former American Football Player Danchigaibou 段違棒 Aired as #11.
9 HERYON (37) Korean-born Celebrity Comedian Tobii Sou 飛石走
10 Ichinohe Nami (25) Actress / Former Basketball Player Shouchu 飛翔柱
11 Yulisa (22) Celebrity Idol / Singer Danchigaibou 段違棒 All Cut
12 Yamada Saki (15) Karate Student / High School Student Tobii Sou 飛石走 Digest 4-4
13 Reiko Hanno (25) 2003 Miss Kunoichi Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 2-1
14 Suzuki Leona (22) 2007 Race Queen Award Grand Prix Fuandou 不安道
15 Uemura Ai (23) College Student Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 2-2
16 Akimoto Sayaka (19) AKB48 Member Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 2-4
17 Nakagawa Haruka (15) AKB48 Member Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 2-5
18 Seimiya Yuumi (22) "Fine" Charisma Model / Avid Surfer Fuandou 不安道
19 Patricia Naoko (51) Women's Samba Dancing Japan Tobii Sou 飛石走
20 Ogawa Tomoko (29) Rock Climber / Skin Care Model Danchigaibou 段違棒 Course Out. Aired as #26.
21 Satake Hiromi (33) Women's Sumo Wrestling Champion Tobii Sou 飛石走
22 Watanabe Hisae (26) Judoka / SMACK Girl Danchigaibou 段違棒 All Cut.
23 Leilani Gaja (22) Model / Actress in Kamen Rider 555 Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 1-4
26 Aika Ando (22) Gravure Idol / Wrestler Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 2-3
28 Fukushima Wakana (24) Former JSDF Member / Entertainer Shouchu 飛翔柱
29 Lori Christensen (41) United States Navy Commandent Tobii Sou 飛石走
30 Haga Kayo (28) Muscle Musical Member Danchigaibou 段違棒
31 Yaguchi Mika (25) Belly Dancer Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 3-1
36 Araki Akira Magician Danchigaibou 段違棒 All Cut
37 Sakamoto Mariko (23) Housewife Enchū Nori 円柱乗
38 Sakamoto Mika (23) Housewife Tobii Sou 飛石走 All Cut.
39 Hinata Karin (18) Cleaning Maid / Housekeeping Staff Tobii Sou 飛石走 Aired as #20.
40 Ozawa Misaki (23) Japan Kenpo 14-time Champion Enchū Nori 円柱乗
41 Kanzaki Aoi (24) Cabaret Hostess Danchigaibou 段違棒
42 Yuisaki Yumi (17) Kamata High School Baseball Player Danchigaibou 段違棒
43 Ono Ikumi (16) Kamata High School Baseball Player Danchigaibou 段違棒
44 Sorayama Mina (17) Kamata High School Basketball Player Danchigaibou 段違棒
45 Arai Yoshino (18) YMCA Physical Education Student Shouchu 飛翔柱
46 Otsuka Atsumi (21) Edokko Festival Representatives Danchigaibou 段違棒
47 Ono Misaki (21) Edokko Festival Representatives Danchigaibou 段違棒 Course Out
48 Sekihara Shoko (19) Edokko Festival Representatives Danchigaibou 段違棒
49 Umeda Haruka (19) avex Acedemy Member Danchigaibou 段違棒
50 Kimura Kozue (18) avex Acedemy Member Danchigaibou 段違棒 Course Out.
51 Higashi Yuko (45) Mother / Daughter Duo Haso Tobi 八艘跳 Time Out. Cleared this obstacle but can't attempt Haso Tobi.
52 Higashi Rena (14) Higashi Yuko's mother Haso Tobi 八艘跳
53 Hanashima Aoi (10) Fifth Grade Student Shouchu 飛翔柱
55 Matsuno Akemi (39) 1988 10000m Sprinter / Marathoner Tobii Sou 飛石走
57 Fujitani Mai (22) Z-1 Idol Fuandou 不安道 Digest 4-3
58 Hayashi Masayo (20) Messenger Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 3-3
59 Nishioka Aki (32) Helicopter Pilot Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 3-4
60 Funai Tomoko (22) Golf Caddy Shouchu 飛翔柱
61 Okamoto Sayaka (17) Hasegawa Gas Station Employee/Yamamoto Shingo's Protege Danchigaibou 段違棒
62 Oshima Keiko (32) Female Firefighter/Takeda Toshihiro's Protege Haso Tobi 八艘跳
63 Anraku Kaori (34) Fitness & Aerobics Instructor/Nagano Makoto's Protege Shouchu 飛翔柱
64 Onoda Nobuko (21) Walking Instructor/Yamada Katsumi's Protege Haso Tobi 八艘跳
66 Ichikawa Chihiro (20) Daughter of Tsukasa Nishiyama Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 4-6
67 Akami Chihiro (29) Horse Jockey Tobii Sou 飛石走 Digest 4-1
68 Ozaki Nanami (19) Model Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 4-5
69 Aoi Sora (23) No. 1 Sexy Queen Talent Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 3-2
70 Akanishi Risa Yoga Instructor Danchigaibou 段違棒 All Cut. External Information.
71 Tanikawa Mari (44) Former Marathon Runner Tobii Sou 飛石走 His foot skimmed of the water.
73 Kawari Kaori (25) Action Woman Danchigaibou 段違棒 Digest 4-2
75 Fukushita Emi (23) Pinup Model Enchū Nori 円柱乗
77 Kitagawa Narumi (42) Pro Surfer Fuandou 不安道
78 Kawamura Mika (29) Armwrestler Haso Tobi 八艘跳 Aired as #86.
80 Komiya Rie (30) KUNOICHI 5 Finalist / Muscle Musical Member Clear: 13.59 seconds First to clear KUNOICHI 7's First Stage.
81 Nakajima Fumie (39) SHAPE UP Girls / Model Danchigaibou 段違棒
82 Mori Yoko (35) C.C. Girls / Model Danchigaibou 段違棒
87 Yamamoto Satomi (21) Professional Golfer Haso Tobi 八艘跳
88 Matsushima Yuki (17) Muscle Musical Member / Gymnast Shouchu 飛翔柱
90 Abe Asami (22) Japanese Pop Star Tobii Sou 飛石走
91 Tanaka Maho (29) KUNOICHI 6 Finalist / Pro Snowboarder, Wakeboarder Clear: 20.31 seconds
92 Nishimura Chie (32) Homemaker Clear: 6.90 seconds
93 Taniguchi Erina (28) Japan's Top Surfer Fuandou 不安道
94 Unknown Unknown Danchigaibou 段違棒 All Cut. External Information.
95 Inui Mayu Basketball Player / Idol Danchigaibou 段違棒 All Cut.
96 Onara Miyuki (39) Olympic Canoeist Tobii Sou 飛石走
97 Takeuchi Asami (24) Aerobic Gymnastics Champion Danchigaibou 段違棒
98 Mizuno Yuko (25) Celebrity Athlete Haso Tobi 八艘跳
99 Diana Pickler (23) United States Track and Field Star Danchigaibou 段違棒
100 Miyake Ayako (31) Three-time KUNOICHI Kanzenseiha Clear: 22.72 seconds Fastest First Stage time of the tournament.
Total 100 Attempts 4 Clears

Second Stage


Daichoyaku 大跳躍

Buyoishi 舞踊石

Kaiten Tsutsu 回転筒

Tsuri Hashigo 吊梯子

Burandou 舞乱道

Time Limit: 65 seconds

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
80 Komiya Rie (30) KUNOICHI 5 Finalist Tsuri Hashigo 吊梯子
91 Tanaka Maho (29) KUNOICHI 6 Finalist Clear: 3.88 Seconds First to beat Tsuri Hashigo.
92 Nishimura Chie (32) Homemaker Burandou 舞乱道 Time Out.
100 Miyake Ayako (31) Three-Time KUNOICHI Kanzenseiha Burandou 舞乱道
Total 4 Attempts 1 Clear

Third Stage


Kenzandou 剣山道

*Tourenban 倒連板

③ ^Tourenbou 倒連棒

^Mashou Kabe 魔性壁

Time Limit: Unlimited

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
91 Tanaka Maho (29) KUNOICHI 6 Finalist Tourenban 倒連板 Last Woman Standing.

Final Stage


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