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KUNOICHI 2002 , colloquially as KUNOICHI 2. (officially KUNOICHI2002冬, literally KUNOICHI 2002 Winter, as well as KUNOICHI First Snow Queen Birth) was the second tournament of the first reboot of KUNOICHI. This was the first and only KUNOICHI to be hosted under Taiiku World.

KUNOICHI 2002 aired as the winter Taiiku World special. Commercials announcing the tournament stated the following:

体育王国 スペシャル!!

(Taikku World Special)


These trials were indirectly held through the Queen's Challenge Battle on Pro Sportsman No.1 Tournaments.

- More information: KUNOICHI Trials


The tournament was set up seven months after Kinniku Banzuke ended their telecasts, and aired within weeks, and thus was broadcast under Taiiku World's branding.

To start with, the 1st STAGE saw the additions of Sekisho Michi and Dashutsu Bou while the Fusha Watari (changed to a single large windmill) and Sanrentobi (the beams were made thicker and were lowered) were modified to be easier compared to the previous tournament, with the time limit being raised by 10 seconds. However, despite these modifications, there were 63 recorded victims from failing Buyoishi which was extremely slick, the most victims of any KUNOICHI history, while the modification to the Fusha Watari proved difficult in its own right. Overall, only 3 competitors managed to clear the 1st STAGE: Mizuno Yuko, Watanabe Kazue, and Yusa Masami.

Next, the 2nd STAGE only eliminated Yusa Masami as she failed Daichoyaku for the second time in a row, but Mizuno and Watanabe were able to clear the 2nd STAGE.

In the FINAL STAGE, heavy snowfall began to occur during the taping. The FINAL STAGE itself consisted of a long, uneven balance beam with cylindrical and pyramidal bumps, which was made significantly more difficult due to the snowfall. Results-wise, Mizuno was able to traverse roughly half, failing to transit on the cylindrical bump, while Watanabe fell very early in the stage; thus ending her run and the tournament.



Buyoishi 舞踊石

*Fusha Watari 風車渡

Enchu Nori 円柱乗

^Sekisho Michi 関所道

*Sanrentobi 三連跳

^Dashutsu Bou 脱出棒

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle

Time Limit: 90 seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
1 Miyazaki Rui (19) TBS "Pooh!" Regular Buyoishi 舞踊石
2 Saito Kinoe (44) Bodybuilder Buyoishi 舞踊石
3 Sara N. Robat (23) Reggae dancer Buyoishi 舞踊石
4 Fukuzumi Mio (23) Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger "Wendine" role Buyoishi 舞踊石
7 Igata Yuko (20) The University of Tokyo Faculty of Law 2nd year Buyoishi 舞踊石 Touched the water.
8 Nishimura Nana (25) American Football "Lady Kong" affiliation Fusha Watari 風車渡
10 Yoshihama Airi (21) G-ROCKETS member Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 2-2
11 Katagiri Sayaka (12) Rhythmic gymnastics training 6 years Enchu Nori 円柱乗
12 Hayashi Akari (24) Cosplay Idol Buyoishi 舞踊石
13 Muramatsu Nagisa (24) Tokyo Adachi School Physical education teacher Buyoishi 舞踊石
14 Ohka Yumi (23) Yoshimoto women's professional wrestling

"Astress" affiliation

Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 2-3
16 Mase Ayako (21) Takushoku University Taido Club Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 1-2
18 Shimizu Yumie (20) Meiji University sophomore Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 3-1
19 Takai Tomoko (35) Street performer Buyoishi 舞踊石
20 Satake Hiromi (28) Women's Sumo Tournament 2nd in Japan Buyoishi 舞踊石
Matsuda Eriko (20) Meiji University Junior College 2nd year Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 1-1
Chiba Kayoko (21) Race Queen Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 1-3
Otobuki Samari (23) Cosplay Idol Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 1-4
Yamada Sana (10) 4th grade of elementary school Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 1-5
Ogawa Yukiko (38) Recreation instructor Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 1-6
Kobayashi Yuko (27) Judo elementary teacher Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 1-7
21 Watanabe Hisae (22) Smack girl / Beauty personality Fusha Watari 風車渡
24 Inamura Aiko (17) High school girl Buyoishi 舞踊石
25 Yamamoto Henda (41) Yamamoto Linda Impressionist Buyoishi 舞踊石
26 Kobayakawa Mari (17) Father is Japanese / Mother is Polish Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 3-4
29 Nishiyama Ai (34) Karate instructor Fusha Watari 風車渡
30 Oshima Miyuki (22) Comedy group "Morisanchu" Buyoishi 舞踊石
Takada Yukiko (31) Architect Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 2-1
Yamaguchi Yuka (24) Cheerleader Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 2-4
Takano Kanae (16) Metropolitan Adachi High School Athletics Club Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 2-5
31 Goto Sono (52) Vice-principal of Kanagawa Prefectural Araiso High School Enchu Nori 円柱乗
32 Fujii Megumi (28) Sambo World Championship Silver Medal Sanrentobi 三連跳 Time out. Telop: 22
33 Kawamoto Yuko (29) Received the Asakusa Samba Carnival Special Award Fusha Watari 風車渡
34 Koizumi Megumi (25) Housewife Fusha Watari 風車渡 Telop: 42
35 Hanamura Yasuko (37) Yokohama NASE knitting department Buyoishi 舞踊石
36 Yamada Rena (24) TBS "Ichiban" caster Buyoishi 舞踊石
40 Kawada Ako (23) TBS rookie announcer Buyoishi 舞踊石
43 Takai Tomoko (26) Orthopedic work Buyoishi 舞踊石
Shimizu Yumie (20) Meiji University sophomore Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 3-1
Marushima Yukie (18) Takushoku University Archery Club Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 3-2
Kando Akika (21) Keio University Lacrosse Club Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 3-3
Komatsu Mari (13) 9 years of experience in classical ballet Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest 3-5
45 Okazaki Akiko (23) Aerobics instructor Fusha Watari 風車渡
46 Yajima Mami (25) Elementary school teacher Enchu Nori 円柱乗
48 Nishimura Miho (21) Campaign Girl Buyoishi 舞踊石 Telop: 15
49 Murakami Tomoko (22) Comedy group "Morisanchu" Buyoishi 舞踊石
50 Kurosawa Kazuko (24) Comedy group "Morisanchu" Buyoishi 舞踊石
Kubota Michiko (22) Japan Women's College of Physical Education Fusha Watari 風車渡 Digest 4-1
Sugiyama Maho (18) Waseda University Volleyball Club Fusha Watari 風車渡 Digest 4-2
Sekine Hiromi (25) Dental hygienist Fusha Watari 風車渡 Digest 4-3
51 Horikoshi Nori (20) Talent Buyoishi 舞踊石
52 Salvation Ninja Ranmaru (?) Yoshimoto Women's Wrestling Affiliation Buyoishi 舞踊石 Telop: 16
53 Harada Yuka (34) Atlanta Olympics Basketball Representative Buyoishi 舞踊石 Telop: 17
Atsuka Kimiko (32) Chiropractor Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Telop: 47
63 Yoshinari Masae (32) American Football "Lady Kong" affiliation Sekisho Michi 関所道
70 Hirayama Aya (18) Taiiku World Regular Buyoishi 舞踊石
71 Ando Ami (18) Dance team "Drillers" affiliation Enchu Nori 円柱乗
74 Hirota Mari (9) Trampoline Girl Buyoishi 舞踊石 Telop: 75
79 Minamiguchi Yuki (35) 10 years of experience as a paraglider Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest 5-2
80 Tsukada Ami (23) Professional housewife Sanrentobi 三連跳
Ashazawa Mari (16) 2-year college student Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest 5-1
Yoshimi Hiroko (19) Waseda Tennis Club Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest 5-3
Takako Hinoki (22) All-Japan Rat Player Winner Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest 5-4
Katano Sayuri (28) Former businesswoman / Softball Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest 5-5
81 Mizuno Yuko (20) Physical talent ★ CLEAR ★

(Remaining: 16.6 seconds)

Fastest time.
83 Miyazawa Eri (16) Metropolitan Adachi High School Athletics Club Sanrentobi 三連跳 Time out.
86 Fujita Ai (26) Women's pro wrestling "Arsion" affiliation Fusha Watari 風車渡
89 Watanabe Kazue (22) Nippon Sport Science University Athletics Club 4 years ★ CLEAR ★

(Remaining: 10.2 seconds)

90 Ogita Tokie (28) American footballer Enchu Nori 円柱乗
91 Mori Yoko (30) C.C. Girls Dashutsu Bou 脱出棒 Time out.
92 Higa Eriko (37) Female professional golfer Buyoishi 舞踊石
96 Yusa Masami (29) Beach flags World Champion ★ CLEAR ★

(Remaining: 14.3 seconds)

100 Yamada Miho (29) Rhythmic gymnastics Barcelona Atlanta Olympics representative Enchu Nori 円柱乗
100 Attempts 3 Clears



*Daichoyaku 大跳躍

^Kabegiwa Den 壁際伝

Time Limit: 45 seconds

Tenbinbashi 天秤橋

Fuyuujima 浮遊島

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
81 Mizuno Yuko (20) Physical talent ★ CLEAR ★ First to clear 2nd STAGE.
89 Watanabe Kazue (22) Nippon Sport Science University Athletics Club 4 years ★ CLEAR ★
96 Yusa Masami (29) Beach flags World Champion Daichoyaku 大跳躍
Total 3 Attempts 2 Clears

Final Stage


Tenkudou 天空道 (10m)

[Normal area 1] → [Cylinder area (1m)] → [Normal area 2] → [Triangular prism area (2m)] → [Normal area 3]


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
81 Mizuno Yuko (20) Physical talent Tenkudou 天空道

[Cylinder area]

89 Watanabe Kazue (22) Nippon Sport Science University Athletics Club 4 years Tenkudou 天空道

[Normal area 1]

Total 2 Attempts 0 Clears

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