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KUNOICHI 2000 was the second KUNOICHI tournament held. It was aired on Kinniku Banzuke on April 22, 2000 and described as a renewal from the last tournament, having applications sent out many months before in advance.


This tournament once again featured nine obstacles on a one-stage course designed to test female strength, speed, and balance. Two new obstacles were added to the course, whilst the order of other obstacles was swapped around, with some of them also being modified to be less difficult compared to the last competition.

Unfortunately, results were in this tournament were almost just as poor as the previous one due to underestimating the obstacle difficulty as well as the time limit yet again. While competitors made it deeper into the course compared to the previous competition's Dakitsuki Slider eliminating most of the field, none of them could make it past the Rolling Panic and by extension, the Break Zone, let alone the second half of the course.

In the end, this tournament was the final competition of the original era. KUNOICHI was later rebooted in late 2001, when KUNOICHI 2001 was held.



*Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー

^Gyakuso Conveyor

*Mamachari Express ママチャリエクスプレス

*Square Bridge スクエアブリッジ

⑤ Rolling Panic ローリングパニック

Time Limit: 60 seconds


⑥ Airwalk エアウォーク (Sponge Bridge House of Cards)

⑦ Cart Catch カートキャッチ

⑧ ^Area Unknown

⑨ Mountain Climb マウンテンクライム

Time Limit: Unknown

^ Denotes new obstacle

* Denotes modified obstacle


Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Kidokoro Shizu (21) 6 years of basketball experience ④ Square Bridge スクエアブリッジ First to beat Dakitsuki Slider, Gyakuso Conveyor, Mamachari Express.
Tsukioka Hisayo (41) Iron and steel office worker ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー
Akiwa Mika (28) Life Insurance company worker / 5 years snowboarding experience ⑤ Rolling Panic ローリングパニック First to beat Square Bridge. Time out when falling.
Joanne Bonicci (25) Koshigaya Municipal Higashi Junior High School English teacher ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー Course out.
Chujo Yae (22) Race Queen ⑤ Rolling Panic ローリングパニック
Ogawa Mako (16) LLPW Rookie Female Professional Wrestler ④ Square Bridge スクエアブリッジ
Ozawa Misato (23) Freeter / 5 years of softball history 3 years of volleyball history ⑤ Rolling Panic ローリングパニック