KUNOICHI 2, officially KUNOICHI2002literally KUNOICHI2002 Winter, is the second competition of KUNOICHI.

In this KUNOICHI tournament, two new obstacles and a modified Fuchawatari were introduced. In this tournament, the producers of the show decided to make the course easier, due to the poor results of the previous competition. Each competitor has only 90.0 seconds to traverse the dominating First Stage where balance and agility is required. But, despite the decreased difficulty, only three out of the 100 competitors proceeded onto the Second Stage, where they discovered even more devastating challenges. For this tournament, Kabegiwa Den, similar to Narrow was introduced. The Second Stage time limit was applied to the first two obstacles. Following those obstacles, competitors pressed a button to stop the time and had no time limit to clear the final two obstacles. In the Final Stage, participants had no time limits to traverse a 10m balance beam where extreme balance is required. 2 competitors advanced to the Final Stage, Mizuno Yuko and Watanabe Kazue. However, no one could achieve Kanzenseiha.

First Stage


Buyoishi 舞踊石

*② Fuchawatari 風車渡

Enchu Nori 円柱乗

^④ Sekisho Michi 関所道

Sarentobi 三連跳

^⑥ Dashutsu Bou 脱出棒

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle

Time Limit: 90 seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
1 Miyazaki Rui (19) TBS Reporter Buyoishi 舞踊石
2 Saito Kirie (44) Bodybuilder Buyoishi 舞踊石
3 Sara Edu Nobako (23) League Dancer Buyoishi 舞踊石
4 Fukuzumi Mio (23) Actress Buyoishi 舞踊石
7 Inada Yuko (20) Dancer Buyoishi 舞踊石
8 Nishimura Nana (25) American Footballer Fuchawatari 風車渡 Made it to the finish platform, but jumped off. First to beat Buyoishi.
11 Katagiri Sayaka (12) 6th Grader and Gymnast Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Dragged the towel onto the barrel, which caused her to slip. First to beat Fuchawatari.
12 Hayashi Akari (24) Cosplayer Buyoishi 舞踊石
13 Nagisa Norematsu (24) Runner Buyoishi 舞踊石
15 Nishimura Miho (21) Model Buyoishi 舞踊石
16 Ranmaru Saviour Ninja Buyoishi 舞踊石
17 Harada Yuka (34) Former Olympic Basketball Player Buyoishi 舞踊石
19 Takai Tomoko (35) Magician Buyoishi 舞踊石
20 Satake Hiromi (28) Sumo Wrestler Buyoishi 舞踊石
(20) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
(21) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
(23) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
(23) Buyoishi 舞踊石
(10) Buyoishi 舞踊石
(38) Buyoishi 舞踊石
(27) Buyoishi 舞踊石
21 Watanabe Hisae (22) Smack Girl Fuchawatari 風車渡
22 Fuji Megumi (28) Sambo Silver Medalist Sarentobi 三連跳 Time Out. Second Hurdle. First to beat Sekisho Michi and Enchu Nori.
24 Inamura Ariko (17) High School Student Buyoishi 舞踊石
25 Yamamoto Henda (41) Comedian Buyoishi 舞踊石
29 Nishimura Ai (34) Karate Champion Fuchawatari 風車渡
30 Oshima Miyuki (22) Mori Sanchuu Buyoishi 舞踊石
(31) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
Yoshihama Airi (21) G-Rockets Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
(23) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest. Wore #14.
(24) Buyoishi 舞踊石
(16) Buyoishi 舞踊石
31 Goto Sono (52) Principal Enchu Nori 円柱乗
33 Kawamoto Yuko (29) Samba Dancer Fuchawatari 風車渡
35 (37) Yokohama NASE Buyoishi 舞踊石
36 Yamada Rena (24) TBS Reporter Buyoishi 舞踊石
40 Kawada Ako (23) Shinjin Female Announcer Buyoishi 舞踊石
42 Koizumi Megumi (25) Mother Fuchawatari 風車渡
43 Takai Tomoko (26) Dentist Buyoishi 舞踊石
(20) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
18) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
(21) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
(17) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
(13) Buyoishi 舞踊石 Digest.
45 Okazaki Akiko (23) Fuchawatari 風車渡 Had too much momentum when jumping onto the platform.
46 Yajima Mami (25) Teacher Enchu Nori 円柱乗
47 Atsaka Kimiko (32) Massage Therapist Enchu Nori 円柱乗
49 Murakami Tomoko (22) Mori Sanchuu Buyoishi 舞踊石
50 Kurosawa Kazuko (24) Mori Sanchuu Fuchawatari 風車渡
(22) Fuchawatari 風車渡 Digest.
Sugiyama Maho (18) Collegiate Volleyball Player Fuchawatari 風車渡 Digest.
(25) Fuchawatari 風車渡 Digest.
51 Uriko Shinori (20) Queen's Challenge Battle Buyoishi 舞踊石
63 Yoshinari Masae (32) Lady Kong Football Player Sekisho Michi 関所道
70 Hirayama Aya (18) TBS Reporter Buyoishi 舞踊石
71 Andou Ami (18) DRILLERS Baton Twirling Player Enchu Nori 円柱乗
75 Mari Hirota (9) Elementary School Student Buyoishi 舞踊石 Youngest competitor in both SASUKE and KUNOICHI history
80 Tsukada Ami (23) Mother Sarentobi 三連跳 First Hurdle.
(16) Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest.
Minamiguchi Yuki (35) Hang Glider Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest. Wore #79.
(19) Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest.
(22) Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest.
(28) Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Digest.
81 Mizuno Yuko (20) Athletic Entertainer Clear (16.68 seconds left) First to clear Sarentobi and Dashutsu Bou.
83 Miyazawa Eri (16) High School Student Sarentobi 三連跳 Time Out. Last Hurdle.
86 Fujita Ai (26) ARUSION Wrestler Fuchawatari 風車渡
89 Watanabe Kazue (22) Nittai University Track and Field Member Clear (10.22 seconds left)
90 Ogita Tokie (28) Ostin Lazy American Football Player Enchu Nori 円柱乗
91 Mori Yoko (30) C.C Girls Dashutsu Bou 脱出棒 Time Out.
92 Higa Eriko (37) Professional Golfer Enchu Nori 円柱乗
96 Yusa Masami (29) Three-time Lifesaving Champion Clear (14.33 seconds left)
100 Yamada Miho (29) Former Olympic Gymnast Enchu Nori 円柱乗

Second Stage


Daichoyaku 大跳躍

^② Kabegiwa Den 壁際伝

Tenbinbashi 天秤橋

Fuyuujima 浮游岛

^ Denotes New Obstacle

Time Limit: 45 seconds for the first two obstacles. No time limit for the remaining obstacles.


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
81 Mizuno Yuko (20) Athletic Entertainer Clear First competitor to clear KUNOICHI's Second Stage.
89 Watanabe Kazue (22) Track and Field Star Clear
96 Yusa Masami (29) Lifesaver Daichoyaku 大跳躍
Total 3 Attempts 2 Clears

Final Stage


Tenkudou 天空道 (10m)

Time Limit: None


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
81 Mizuno Yuko (20) Athletic Entertainer Tenkudou 天空道 (10m) First competitor to attempt KUNOICHI's Final Stage. About 5 meters across.
89 Watanabe Kazue (22) Track and Field Star Tenkudou 天空道 (10m) About 2 meters across. Last Woman Standing.
Total 2 Attempts 0 Clears

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