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KUNOICHI 1999 was the first KUNOICHI tournament ever held. It was aired on Kinniku Banzuke on October 30, 1999 as a new event.


The course proved to be massively different from the prototype version. While still focused on housework, the theme was toned down in favor of more conventional obstacles.

This tournament featured nine obstacles on a one-stage course designed to test female strength, speed, and balance, split apart by a Break Zone, with each section having their own time limits; the first half had to be completed within 60 seconds, and the second half within 40, making for a 100-second time limit in total.

While it was hoped that results would be good, the course proved to be too lethal, and the time limit impossible to deal with. The Dakitsuki Slider eliminated almost every competitor who attempted it while the Futon Beater ate up too much time for those few remaining competitors. None of the competitors in this tournament were able to reach the break zone, ending the tournament on a rather brutal note.



① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー

② Futon Beater ふとんビーター

③ Cart Catch カートキャッチ

④ Square Bridge スクエアブリッジ

⑤ Mamachari Express ママチャリエクスプレス

Time Limit: 60 seconds


⑥ Rolling Panic ローリングパニック

⑦ Airwalk エアウォーク (Sponge Bridge House of Cards)

⑧ Big Wheel Travel ビッグホイールトラベル

⑨ Mountain Climb マウンテンクライム

Time Limit: 40 seconds


Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Takai Tomoko (32) Factory Part-time job / 3 times a week training ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー First competitor to run KUNOICHI.
Nakamura Masami (19) Nippon Sport Science University 2nd year ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー
Yoshino Yukiko (26) Izakaya GOB Clerk ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー
Ozeki Sanae (23) Hosei University 4th year ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー Digest 1-1
Yoshida Erika (26) Housewife ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー Digest 1-2
Watanabe Mayumi (23) Marketing Agent ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー Digest 1-3
Tsurumura Nao (25) Restaurant Clerk ① Dakitsuki Slider だきつきスライダー Digest 1-4
Yusa Masami (26) Life saver ③ Cart Catch カートキャッチ First to beat Dakitsuki Slider.
Nejo Yuka (26) Sports instructor ④ Square Bridge スクエアブリッジ First to beat Cart Catch.
Atarashi Akiko (28) Works at Tipness Roppongi ⑤ Mamachari Express ママチャリエクスプレス Time Out.
10 Attempts 0 Clears