KUNOICHI 10 (officially,「KUNOICHI2017夏」) was officially announced during the broadcast of SASUKE 33 by TBS, and the second KUNOICHI tournament in 2017. This was the second tournament after Komiya Rie's and Kadoi Satomi's kanzenseiha. In addition, it was also held in the same location as KUNOICHI 9, thus making this the second tournament to be held indoor. The broadcast aired on Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 7pm (19:00) JST.

Although it was the tenth KUNOICHI tournament, unlike in SASUKE 10 (when the competitors were given the start position from #901 to #1000 to celebrate the tenth SASUKE tournament), due to there were only 50 competitors competed in this tournament and the previous tournament, the start position numbers were just like as usual (#1 to #50).


TBS officially released the application on March 26th, 2017 on their official website. The application deadline was May 31st, 2017, and auditions were held in early June.


The taping date took place on June 17th, 2017 as per normal. All stages have completed filming on schedule.


Based on the pictures found online and the director Masato Inui himself, it was confirmed that this tournament has returned to its predecessor, with a four-stage format used from KUNOICHI 3 to KUNOICHI 7. To coincide with the previous tournament's color-based stage names, the returning Third Stage was referred to as the BLACK Stage.


In the RED Stage, there is a time reduction of 30 seconds to make the course tougher. Two SASUKE obstacles were introduced in this tournament: the Shaking Bridge (renamed from the Yureru Hashi) and Double Pendulum. This time, both the Fish Bone and the Double Pendulum eliminated a lot of competitors, notably for the Double Pendulum, where some competitors failed to grab the bar in this tournament. Nevertheless, six competitors cleared, one more from the last tournament.

However in the BLUE Stage, the whole stage changed drastically by implementing a time limit of 75 seconds, and the number of obstacle was reduced to 5. Two classic SASUKE obstacles made their debut in this tournament: the Goren Hammer and the toned-down Wall Lifting. Saiki Reika, the first competitor who cleared the RED Stage, ultimately timed out by spending all of her time trying to lift the pole through the stoppers at the Slide Walk. In addition, 2 competitors also timed out in various obstacles in this stage, leaving only three clears to take on the new added stage.

The BLACK Stage, which was renamed from the Third Stage, was introduced. Some SASUKE obstacles such as the classic Propeller Untei, Arm Bike, and Pipe Slider were introduced. No time limit was imposed in this stage, just like the BLUE Stage in the previous tournament, competitors could go in their own pace. While AYA failed at the modified version of the Cliffhanger, Izumi Hikari and Watanabe Kana, both breeze through the RED and BLUE Stage, found themselves in a difficult position at the Pipe Slider, while trying to dismount to the platform (with the bar kept sliding backward). Both of them gassed out and failed the Pipe Slider, leaving the Final Stage untouched for the very first time since KUNOICHI 7.

First Stage


Rolling Hill ローリングヒル

Pipe Hold パイプホールド

^Shaking Bridge シェイキングブリッジ

Fish Bone フィッシュボーン

^Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム

Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁

Cannonball キャノンボール

Time Limit: 110 seconds

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
1 Sakaguchi Kaho (21) Beach Volleyball Player Fish Bone フィッシュボーン First to clear Shaking Bridge
2 Kamimura Saeko (24) TBS Announcer Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
3 HIKA (24) Hooters Girl Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
4 Tsubakihara Ai (25) Gravure Idol Pipe Hold パイプホールド
5 Okamura Ami (25) Carpenter Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
6 Miyazaki Chiaki Junior Golfer Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
7 Saiki Reika (25) Muscle Idol Clear (0.80 seconds left) First to clear Double Pendulum
8 Kurosaki Aoi (23) Firefighter Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
9 Sato Yu Fitness Instructor Pipe Hold パイプホールド
10 Amaki Jun (21) Gravure Idol Pipe Hold パイプホールド
11 RENA (26) MMA fighter Shaking Bridge シェイキングブリッジ Course Out.
12 Inamura Ami (21) God Swing Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
13 Nishimura Aori (15) Skateboarder Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
14 Yonemochi Airi (23) Classic Ballet Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Shown in Navi.
15 Kanno Yuri (23) Curry Shop Employee Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
16 Iwadare Karen (23) Pro Snowboarder Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
17 Maayama Rika (20) Idol Shaking Bridge シェイキングブリッジ
18 Kimura Rena Athletic Junior High Student All Cut.
19 Taoka Natsumi (22)  Pro Surfer Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
20 Takahashi Yuu (26) Model Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
21 Mizuno Yuko (35) Muscle Idol Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
22 Kataoka Ayumi (30) Baseball Manager Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
23 Miyahara Moe (20) Gym Trainer Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
24 Azuma Azusa (23) Talent Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Shown in Navi.
25 Fujimaki Satsuki (20) Fin Swimmer Shaking Bridge シェイキングブリッジ Shown in Navi.
26 Akane Joy (24) Performer Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Shown in Navi.
27 Hinata Aoi Junior High Student Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Digest
28 Akamine Marimo Trainer Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム Digest
29 Kikui Sakana Medical Clerk Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Digest
30 Matsuo Tomoko Model Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム Digest
31 Mori Sayaka Gymnastics Instructor All Cut.
32 Watanabe Mika (38) Housewife Clear (4.09 seconds left)
33 Kuramocho Rie Pro Boat Racer All Cut.
34 Miya Performer All Cut.
35 Asahina Aya (23) Model Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
36 Okabe Sakiko (29) Gymnastics Instructor Clear (6.33 seconds left)
37 Kawanishi Honoka (21) Reporter Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Shown in Navi.
38 Yamaguchi Akiko Staffing Coordinator Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
39 Sakai Ayaka (31) Pole Dancer Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
40 AYA (32) Crossfit Trainer Clear (3.45 seconds left)
41 Matsumoto Yayoi (27) London Olympics Medalist Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
42 Rokkaku Ayako (25) All Japan Women's Baseball Player Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
43 Kawasaki Emiko (23) Black Belt in Karate Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Shown in Navi.
44 Nagai Mizuho (23) Gymnastics Instructor Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
45 Tagami Ayako (21) Third Best Unicyclist In the World Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
46 Sudo Miyo (17) Slackliner Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム Digest.
47 Akiyama Rena (15) Cirque Du Soleil School Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム Digest.
48 Oshima Ayano (28) Shinkin Bank Employee Double Pendulum ダブルペンダラム
49 Watanabe Kana (28) Judoka Clear (8.81 seconds left)
50 Izumi Hikari (21) Parkour Clear (19.55 seconds left)
Total 50 Attempts 6 Clears

Second Stage


Slide Walk スライドウォーク

Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク

^Goren Hammer 5連ハンマー

Reverse Conveyor リバースコンベア

^Wall Lifting ウォールリフティング

Time Limit: 75 seconds

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
7 Saiki Reika (25) Muscle Idol Slide Walk スライドウォーク Time Out.
32 Watanabe Mika (38) Housewife Reverse Conveyor リバースコンベア Time Out. First to clear Goren Hammer.
36 Okabe Sakiko (29) Gymnastics Instructor Wall Lifting ウォールリフティング Time Out.
40 AYA (32) Crossfit Trainer Clear (0.19 seconds left) First to clear Wall Lifting.
49 Watanabe Kana (25) Judoka Clear (9.70 seconds left)
50 Izumi Hikari (21) Parkour Clear (17.01 seconds left)
Total 6 Attempts 3 clears

Third Stage


^Propeller Untei プロペラ雲梯

^Arm Bike アームバイク

Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ

④ *Cliffhanger クリフハンガー

^Pipe Slider パイプスライダー

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
40 AYA (32) Crossfit Trainer Cliffhanger クリフハンガー Transition to second ledge. First to clear Propeller Untei and Arm Bike.
49 Watanabe Kana (25) Judoka Pipe Slider パイプスライダー Failed Jump. First to clear modified Cliffhanger.
50 Izumi Hikari (21) Parkour Pipe Slider パイプスライダー Failed Jump. Last Woman Standing.
Total 3 Attempts 0 clears

Final Stage


^Spider Climb スパイダークライム (8m)

Tsuna Nobori 綱登り (7m)

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle



Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Stage Not Attempted (no Third Stage clears)

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