KUNOICHI 1 (officially KUNOICHI2001冬, literally KUNOICHI 2001 Winter) was the first ever KUNOICHI tournament, a SASUKE course made entirely for women. The course was made much shorter than its counterpart, containing three short stages and only eleven obstacles. However, these obstacles were so difficult that only two women, Yusa Masami and Yamada Miho, were able to clear the First Stage. In the Second Stage, they both failed the Daichoyaku thus leaving the Final Stage untouched.

First Stage


Buyoishi 舞踊石

Fuchawatari 風車渡

Enchu Nori 円柱乗

Boufuudou 暴風道

Sarentobi 三連跳

Hashigo 忍梯子

Time Limit: 80 Seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
1 Seto Yoko (15) Trampoline Champion Sarentobi 三連跳 First to attempt KUNOICHI. First to clear Buyoishi. First Attempt.

Kamogawa Chizuru (24)

Member of the JSDF Fuchawatari 風車渡
3 Seto Yoko (15) Trampoline Champion Sarentobi 三連跳 First to clear Fuchawatari, Enchu Nori and Boufuudou. All Cut.
4 Kaji Mitsuko (27) Softball Player Enchu Nori 円柱乗
7 Yuko Horizoe (17) High School Volleyball Player Buyoishi 舞踊石
10 Mao Yamaya (10) Young Tennis Player Buyoishi 舞踊石
11 Itou Yuko (32) Martial Arts Fitness Instructor Enchu Nori 円柱乗
16 Suzuki Yuka (21) Mail Woman Boufuudou 暴風道
20 Satake Hiromi (27) Sumo Wrestler Buyoishi 舞踊石
28 Akimoto Yoko (23) College Student Boufuudou 暴風道
29 Maria Portraga (25) Romanian Buyoishi 舞踊石
31 Otake Nami (27) Japan Women's National Football Team Member Enchu Nori 円柱乗
33 Hayashi Akari (23) Cosplayer Buyoishi 舞踊石 Made it to the platform, but lost her balance.
35 Inoue Misa (16) Dancer Fuchawatari 風車渡
36 Kikuchi Tanako (20) Field Hockey Player Hashigo 忍梯子 Time Out. Reached the top of the obstacle, but did not hit the button in time. First to clear Sarentobi.
39 Ogita Tokie (27) Running Back for the Lady Kong American Football Team Enchu Nori 円柱乗
41 Sasamoto Rena (16) On-Air Personality Fuchawatari 風車渡
42 Nakajima Yuki (26) Secretary Hashigo 忍梯子 Time Out.
43 Yoshioka Hatsue (44) Buyoishi 舞踊石
50 Takahashi Norie (18) TBS Reporter Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Pushed the barrel but didn't get on it.
51 Kamio Yone (30) Tennis Player Fuchawatari 風車渡
57 Satsusa Eriko (19) Japan's #1 Cheerleader Enchu Nori 円柱乗
62 Ogano Kaori (26) Rock Climber and Motorcyclist Sarentobi 三連跳 First Hurdle.
63 Yamada Miho (28) Former Olympic Gymnast Clear (3.1 seconds) First to clear KUNOICHI First Stage. First to clear KUNOICHI 1 First Stage and Hashigo.
66 Kakuta Tomoko (27) Office Worker Enchu Nori 円柱乗 The barrel was starting to roll when she fell backwards and landed on the yellow mat. The barrel rolled away, and she was disqualified.
69 Suzuki Takako (29) Postal Worker Boufuudou 暴風道
71 Mori Yoko (21) Model Hashigo 忍梯子 Time Out.
74 Ogawa Mako (18) Pro Wrestler Enchu Nori 円柱乗
87 Minamiguchi Yuki (34) Paraglider Sarentobi 三連跳 First Hurdle.
91 Shinoda Miho (29) Olympic Gymnast Enchu Nori 円柱乗 Made it to the yellow mat but fell backwards as she landed.
89 Nagashima Mina (26) Pro Surfer Sarentobi 三連跳 Second Hurdle.
98 Sumida Sachiko (27) G-Rockets Acrobat Enchu Nori 円柱乗
100 Yusa Masami (28) Beach Flags World Champion Clear (8.81 seconds) Time record.

Second Stage


Daichoyaku 大跳躍

Kaiten Chu 回転墊

Tenbinbashi 天秤橋

Fuyuujima 浮游島

Time Limit: 50 Seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
63 Yamada Miho (28) Former Olympic Gymnast Daichoyaku 大跳躍 First to attempt KUNOICHI Second Stage.
100 Yusa Masami (28) Beach Flags World Champion Daichoyaku 大跳躍 Last Woman Standing.

Final Stage


Tenkudou 天空道

Time Limit: Unknown.


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Stage Not Attempted (No Second Stage Clears).

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