KAREN is a gogo dancer working for the group CYBERJAPAN. She has competed on both SASUKE and KUNOICHI.


She first competed in SASUKE 34, where she was the first woman ever to be given #1 in SASUKE. She failed at the Rolling Hill.

Competing in SASUKE 35, she once again failed the Rolling Hill, this time she failed on the downhill part with the klaxon sounding.

KAREN once again returned for SASUKE 36. She was able to complete the Rolling Hill this time, but failed one obstacle later, at the Wing Slider.

KAREN once again returned for SASUKE 37. She once again failed the Rolling Hill.

Competition # Result Notes
34 1 Rolling Hill (First Stage)
35 51 Rolling Hill (First Stage) Digest. Paravi Original. Klaxon could be heard.
36 51 Wing Slider (First Stage) First time clearing Rolling Hill.
37 33 Rolling Hill (First Stage)


KAREN competed in KUNOICHI 11, wearing #7. She took a slow pace through the first half of the RED Stage. When she failed at the Dragon Glider, the klaxon was sounding.

Competition # Result Notes
11 7 Dragon Glider (Red Stage) Klaxon was sounding.
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