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Jump Hang (ジャンプハング) was a First Stage obstacle introduced right after Akiyama Kazuhiko's Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 4, debuting as the fourth obstacle in SASUKE 5, replacing Maruta Kudari from the previous tournament.

Competitors had to leap forward off of a trampoline to grasp the underside of a cargo net. After that, they either traverse under it and risked touching the water or climbed over it and rolled down the cargo net, though none of those who cleared it in SASUKE 5 did it this way.

The obstacle was one of the most difficult obstacles in SASUKE history, as most top competitors failed here once, including almost every member of SASUKE All-Stars, with Shiratori Bunpei being the only one to never fail it. Shiratori is also famous for his one-footed-jump technique, being the only one to clear it doing this way.

In SASUKE 6 alone, it took out 51 competitors, becoming the obstacle with most eliminations in a single tournament, including Akiyama Kazuhiko in his first tournament back since his Kanzenseiha. Akiyama failed it twice more in SASUKE 7 and 8, before finally clearing it in SASUKE 10.

Shiratori Bunpei attempting Jump Hang in SASUKE 9

Modified Jump Hang in SASUKE 13

Takeda Toshihiro attempting modified Jump Hang in SASUKE 13

There have been few minor modifications to this obstacle. In SASUKE 10, the net was slightly placed further away than any other tournaments, which caught several competitors who cleared the obstacle from the previous tournaments off-guard, such as Takeda Toshihiro and Nagano Makoto. In SASUKE 14 and 15, due to the appearance of Butterfly Wall, Jump Hang was moved to the fifth position. Lastly, in SASUKE 17, it again moved to the sixth obstacle due to the appearances of Maruta Zaka and Circle Slider.

However, the biggest modification came in SASUKE 13, where a new version of Jump Hang, known formally as Jump Dangle (ジャンプダングル) or Jump Hang (Rope Ban) [ジャンプハング (ロープ版)], literally Jump Hang (Rope Version), was used instead of the original Jump Hang. The purpose remain the same except the net was now replaced by ropes dangled from a scaffolding. Perhaps due to the modification, competitors noticeably spent less time clearing this version, so producers decided to use this version only in SASUKE 13. In fact, Nagano Makoto cleared the jump's sequence in only four seconds, which wouldn't be possible in original Jump Hang.

Modified Jump Hang in SASUKE 25

Akiyama Kazuhiko attempting modified Jump Hang in SASUKE 25

After Nagano Makoto's Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 17, this obstacle was replaced by a much harder Jumping Spider in SASUKE 18. However, when Urushihara Yuuji achieve Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 24, as part of Kanzen Renewal, Jump Hang returned again in SASUKE 25. It however was directly replaced in the following tournament by Jumping Spider again.

Hatakeda Yoshiaki grabbed the top part of Jump Hang in SASUKE 6, being the first to do so

Although the intent was to grab the net, it was possible to grab the top support of the obstacle. Four competitors achieved this in three separate tournaments:

Jump Hang Kai

Jump Hang Kai (ジャンプハング改), literally Altered Jump Hang, appeared from SASUKE 28 to SASUKE 31, although the name was reverted to Jump Hang in SASUKE 31.

Instead of jumping to one net positioned perpendicular to the trampoline, two nets were positioned parallel to the trampoline. Competitors needed to jump from the trampoline to either one side and grab the front of the net. From there, they needed to traverse the net similar to Net Bridge to reach the other side. It was also legal to climb inside the net, but doing so wasted a lot of time.

Nagano Makoto attempting Jump Hang Kai
in SASUKE 29

Despite not doing much damage like the original version, it took down notable competitors like Ishimaru Kenjiro and Shiratori Bunpei in SASUKE 30. Shiratori's failure created a funny and interesting stat, as he is the only member of SASUKE All-Stars to fail this version, while also the only All-Star to never fail the original version.

Due to Morimoto Yūsuke's Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 31, it was replaced by Double Pendulum in the following tournament.

KUNOICHI Appearance

Jump Hang (ジャンプハング) appeared in KUNOICHI 2017 Spring as the fifth obstacle of the brand new RED Stage (First Stage).

Its purpose remained the same, jump using a trampoline far enough in order to reach and grab the net. However, competitors could only go under the net instead of above, similar to Jump Hang used in American Ninja Warrior 6 in Miami and American Ninja Warrior 7 in San Pedro (Military). This rule might be affected by the fact that the top of the net was close enough to the ceiling of the indoor room, leaving no space to climb above it. Also, the net was painted red to match the name of the stage.

Okabe Sakiko attempting Jump Hang
in KUNOICHI 2017 Spring

Despite doing damage, it was replaced in the following tournament by Double Pendulum, which was coincidentally the obstacle that also replaced Jump Hang Kai in SASUKE.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.


Jump Hang
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
5 10 53 18.87%
6 13 64 20.31%
7 17 56 30.36%
8 15 22 68.81%
9 10 20 50%
10 10 28 35.71%
11 18 28 64.29%
12 16 28 57.14%
13 19 30 63.33%
14 20 24 83.33%
15 19 19 100%
16 24 29 82.76%
17 19 27 70.37%
25 26 40 65%
Total 215 460 46.74%
  • Notes: In a special before SASUKE 15, the completion percentage was said to be from SASUKE 5 to SASUKE 14, 201 clears out of 470 attempts for a percentage of 42.7%. It was unknown how competitors did in each specific tournament, therefore these numbers were not included in the individual tournaments but were calculated into the final overall total.

Jump Hang Kai
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
28 12 19 63.16%
29 31 52 59.62%
30 43 59 72.88%
31 40 47 85.11%
Total 126 177 71.19%


KUNOICHI Clears Attempts Percentage
2017 Spring 9 14 64.28%
Total 9 14 64.28%

Other Appearances

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 3's Jump Hang

American Ninja Warrior 4's Jump Hang

American Ninja Warrior 5's Jump Hang Kai in Denver

American Ninja Warrior 6's Jump Hang in Miami

American Ninja Warrior 7's Jump Hang in San Pedro (Military)

Jump Hang appeared as the fourth obstacle in:

In American Ninja Warrior 6 and 7, competitors could only climb under the net. This particular rule made this obstacle more challenging, as competitors tried to stay above the water. Several competitors failed on this obstacle, including:

In American Ninja Warrior 7, the netting was modified compared to the one used on the previous seasons, with the end part raised a few inches higher and the netting being longer.

SASUKE Vietnam

SASUKE Vietnam 4's Jump Hang Kai

In SASUKE Vietnam 4, Jump Hang Kai, locally called Vách Lưới, appeared as the fourth obstacle in Stage 1B, replacing Giant Swing from the past three SASUKE Vietnam seasons. However, unlike in SASUKE, one additional rule was added to the obstacle, in which competitors were not allowed to climb inside either of the cargo nets. If they did so, they would be disqualified.

This obstacle was extremely easy compared to its appearance in SASUKE. Since the nets were placed very near to the trampoline, many competitors skipped the trampoline jump by making a long run-up or even just making a standing jump at the starting platform, very similar to Net Bridge in SASUKE 18. However, it shockingly claimed Hiroshi Miyamoto as the only victim of this obstacle, when his hands slipped at the net after the jump, and he fell into the water.

Due to its low knockout rate, the obstacle was replaced by the modified Rope Jungle in SASUKE Vietnam 5.

Other SASUKE's International Formats

Australian Ninja Warrior's Jump Hang

Jump Hang has been used in several SASUKE/Ninja Warrior's international formats, with most of them had the same specification and completion rule from American Ninja Warrior 6 and 7, including:

  • Ninja Warrior UK
  • Australian Ninja Warrior
  • SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia
  • SASUKE Ninja Warrior Mongolia
  • Ninja Warrior Israel