Josh O'Sullivan, also known as the Modern Mowgli, is a ninja trainer from Miranda, New South Wales, who firstly competed on Australian Ninja Warrior.

Australian Ninja Warrior

On Australian Ninja Warrior, Josh clocked the fifth fastest time in his heat (Heat 3). Then, in his semifinal (Semifinal 2), he completed the course, but wasn't fast enough to qualify to the grand final (as he finished in ninth place).

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Josh competed along with his girlfriend and fellow competitor, Betsy Burnett. He clocked the fastest time in his heat (Heat 3) and the third fastest time in his semifinal (Semifinal 4). During the grand final, he went out on the eighth obstacle (the Flying Squirrel to Cargo Net) in Stage One.


Australian Ninja Warrior 2

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