Josh Cook is a 3 Time American Ninja Warrior competitor. He first competed in ANW5 in Denver, where he cleared the qualifying course in the 9th fastest time out of 48 clears. He the had an asthma attack during his semi final run, but he still continued his run and became 1 of 5 finishers that night with the 2nd fastest time. In vegas he ran the course with a green mohawk and cleared Stage 1 with over 26 seconds left on the clock. However on Stage 2 he rushed the Double Salmon ladder falling as soon as he started on the very first set off rungs.

In ANW6 Josh competed in the Dallas and completed the qualifying round. in the Semi Finals his run was digested but it was shown that he fell on the Salmon Ladder on the very last rungs. Luckily he was chosen as a Wild Card in vegas and although his run was digested it showed that he cleared Stage 1 again. On Stage 2 he got revenge on the Double Salmon Ladder and made it all the way to the 4th obstacle the Butterfly Wall when he took a bad jump onto the wall and fell.

In ANW7 he competed Kansas and once again cleared the qualifying course. Although the rain made it very difficult for some competitors it didn't stop him from putting on a performance as he made it all the way the the 9th obstacle the Body Prop and fell like many others that day. His time was fast enough to put him in 5th place and made it to the finals in vegas. On Stage 1 he cleared the first two obstacles although on the second obstacle he hit his head hard on the Propeller Bar he still continued his run but he went out on the very next obstacle the Silk Slider.

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