John Loobey is a car tool salesman from Bristol, Tennessee. Loobey is currently the oldest competitor to finish the second obstacle in a qualifying course, at 65 years of age.

American Ninja Warrior 7

John actually first competed in San Pedro in American Ninja Warrior 7. His run was cut however, but he slipped up on the Quintuple Steps for a early exit.

American Ninja Warrior 8

John competed at 64 years old in Philadephia in American Ninja Warrior 8. where he cleared both the Floating Steps and the Log Grip in Qualifying, before failing the Paddle Boards. He tied with Dan Leach in American Ninja Warrior 5 for being the oldest to make it to the third obstacle, who was also at 64 years of age at the time.


John Loobey at the Philadelphia Qualifier - American Ninja Warrior 2016

American Ninja Warrior 9

John returned to compete at 65 years old in Daytona Qualifying in American Ninja Warrior 9. where he later broke his own record as the oldest man ever to complete two obstacles. He cleared the Floating Steps and the Rolling Pin, before failing the Wingnuts.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Loobey returned in American Ninja Warrior 10 where he competed in Indianapolis. His run was cut, but despite being able to do so the past two seasons, he shockingly failed to get past the first obstacle, the Floating Steps.

American Ninja Warrior 11

He returned in Cincinnati for American Ninja Warrior 11. His run was once again cut, but shockingly enough, history repeated for a third time as he failed the first obstacle again. He failed the Shrinking Steps.

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