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Joe Moravsky is a meteorologist who is one of the strongest competitors on American Ninja Warrior. Moravsky grew up in the small town of Sherman, Connecticut. He is currently a weatherman and gymnastics/parkour coach. He coaches at a gym in Newtown, Connecticut called Vasi's International Gymnastics.

Since childhood, Joe knew two things for sure: he loved the weather and playing sports. Through elementary and high school, Joe participated in many sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer, and cross-country.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 5

On American Ninja Warrior 5, he finished the Baltimore Qualifying in 6th with 1:25.96; the best of any rookie that night. In the Semi-Finals, he nearly ran out of energy on the Body Prop, but managed to hang on, flipping onto the platform below.

In Las Vegas he cleared the Stage One with 36.23 seconds left. He became one of seven to clear the Stage Two with 17.70 seconds left. On the Stage Three, he beat the first two obstacles easily, but failed the Floating Boards while transitioning to the fourth board. He finished second overall, only being surpassed by Brian Arnold. This was the third best rookie performance ever on ANW, after Brent Steffensen in American Ninja Warrior 2 and Seth Rogers in American Ninja Warrior 11.

American Ninja Warrior 6

In American Ninja Warrior 6 St Louis Qualifying, Moravsky cleared with 1:04.14. In the St. Louis Finals, he managed to get the fastest time again, with 3:40.48, but not before a scary attempt at the Rumbling Dice, where he became the first person ever to pull the dice off the track. This created controversy over the fact he was not disqualified for breaking the Rumbling Dice (it wouldn't matter as he was far enough, fast enough to qualify to Vegas anyway).


Joe Moravsky at the 2014 St. Louis Finals - American Ninja Warrior

In the Vegas Finals, Joe easily completed the Stage One with 29.79 seconds left. On the Stage Two, Joe became the first out of two competitors to complete the Stage Two with only 1.29 seconds left. In the Stage Three, he got his revenge on the Floating Boards, and destroyed the Ultimate Cliffhanger. He also managed to complete the new obstacle, the Propeller Bar. However, he wasn't able to get a proper footing on the Hang Climb and fell in the water.

USA vs. The World

He then represented Team USA in USA vs The World. In the tournament, he competed on the first and Stage Three. On the Stage One, he set a new Stage One record of 1:12.72, only to be bested by Tim "Livewire" Shieff, who ran a 1:02:70 in the next heat. He easily won his heat against Vadym Kuvakin of Team Europe and Shingo Yamamoto of Team Japan. On the Stage Three, he went against Stefano Ghisolfi, and Yusuke Morimoto. But just like in American Ninja Warrior 6, Joe lost his grip on the Hang Climb and failed. He eventually lost his heat to Ghisolfi, who completed the stage.

American Ninja Warrior 7

In American Ninja Warrior 7, Joe competed in the Pittsburgh Qualifying course. He finished the course with the second fastest time of 1:34.17 only behind Elet Hall. In the city finals, Joe slowly but surely mastered the first nine obstacles. On the Invisible Ladder, however, Joe had a quick stumble at the end but still managed to complete the finals course making it his third straight year to complete a City Finals course and automatically qualify to the Vegas finals.

In Las Vegas, Joe cleared the Stage One with 35.31 seconds remaining. He then completed the Stage Two with 20.41 seconds remaining making it his third consecutive year to complete the stage. On the Stage Three, Joe was making great progress until he reached the newly modified Ultimate Cliffhanger. On the obstacle, Joe was able to transverse through it easily until he reached the gap towards the final ledge. Instead of facing the final ledge to leap, Joe decided to do the Crazy Cliffhanger technique, but he lost his grip on the final ledge and failed.

USA vs. The World II

He was an alternate competitor for Team USA in the third International Tournament after Geoff Britten was given a doctor stop. Despite having little time to prepare, Joe easily completed the Stage Two in 1:23.69, however he was beaten by Sean McColl who got a time of 1:19.86 losing the heat. In the Stage Three, he ended up failing the Ultimate Cliffhanger again when he attempted to jump while facing the 14th ledge. He ended up losing his heat to Stefano Ghisolfi, who failed the Flying Bar.


Joe was an alternate competitor for the first All-Stars special in 2016. He competed in the Team competition representing Team Matt. Joe ran in the first heat on Stage 2 where he completed the course faster than anyone else that had ever finished it. (1:08:52). he won the point for team Matt because his opponent, Brent Steffensen (representing Team Akbar). failed the Double Salmon Ladder.

In the skills competition, Joe was also one of four competitors that participated on the Supersized Mega Wall. he made it all the way to the final round where he failed to scale 19 ft and like Barclays Stockett in American Ninja Warrior 10 he was the only ninja to finish Stage 2 three times that season (Regular Season, USA vs the World, and All Stars.)

American Ninja Warrior 8

In American Ninja Warrior 8, Joe's newborn daughter, Emily, was born in December 2015. As one of the favorites to win it all, he competed in the Philadelphia Qualifying course, completing it with the third fastest time at 2:00.29 behind Anthony DeFranco and Jon Alexis Jr.


Joe Moravsky at the Philadelphia Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2016

In the Philadelphia City Finals, he blazed through the first nine obstacles. However, he had his first defeat outside of the Stage Three when he fell on the Invisible Ladder. He placed second overall and qualified for the National Finals for the fourth year in a row.

On the Stage One, Joe finished the course with 4.10 seconds remaining, heading to Stage Two for the fourth time in his career. However, he was shockingly dealt his first Stage Two fail when he lost his grip on the Wave Runner.

-20 The Storm Team- Joe Moravsky (Captain). Josh Levin and Allyssa Beird.JPG

American Ninja Warrior 9

As shocking news, it has been reported that Joe's uncle, Rob (the father of Rob Moravsky), suddenly passed away. As such, the death of Joe's uncle became his main source of motivation this season. Joe returned to compete in Cleveland for American Ninja Warrior 9 and was able to complete the qualifying course with the second fastest time, just behind Anthony DeFranco. In the city finals, Joe was only one of two competitors that cleared the Nail Clipper, he cleared the rest of the course putting up the fastest time of the night and moved on to the national finals in Las Vegas. Overall, Joe was one of just nine athletes that completed a city finals course that season.


Joe Moravsky at the Cleveland City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2017


Joe Moravsky at the Las Vegas National Finals- Stage 1 - American Ninja Warrior 2017

In the Vegas finals, Joe cruised through the Stage One marking the fifth consecutive season in which he cleared Stage 1. He finished with 42.76 seconds remaining and even celebrated by doing a high dive into the water. He finished the dreaded Wingnut Alley and Stage 2 with 25.66 seconds left on the clock. In Stage 3 he granted his revenge on the Ultimate Cliffhanger when he completed it and used the Crazy Cliffhanger transition in the second transition. He also made it through the grueling Curved Body Prop, and a new obstacle that season, Peg Cloud.However, he failed the Time Bomb as he lost his grip when he missed the hook when placing the ring. This is Joe's best performance to date, getting to the 7th obstacle in Stage 3, and he was Last Ninja Standing in that tournament.

NUP 178743 09178.jpg

American Ninja Warrior 10

Moravsky stated on social media that he was originally supposed to compete in Philadelphia for American Ninja Warrior 10, but due to inclement weather, he was among a group of competitors moved to Minneapolis.


Joe Moravsky at the Minneapolis City Qualifiers - American Ninja Warrior 2018


Joe Moravsky at the Vegas Finals- Stage 1 - American Ninja Warrior 2018

As expected, Moravsky blazed through the qualifying course with ease. He was one of many to attempt the Mega Wall, but was not able to scale it. Though he was shown a bit disappointed not doing so, he still finished the qualifying course at the top of the leaderboard, placing 1st overall. He also finished the city finals course in 2nd place behind Jon Alexis Jr. and moved on to the national finals again.

Unfortunately, in perhaps one of the biggest shocks of the season, Joe ended up falling on the third obstacle, the Double Dipper, despite beating it the year before. In a post-run interview, Joe was shown to be extremely upset about his fall, as he had a hard time speaking to Kristine Leahy. Even though he fell on Stage 1 he tested Stage 2 & 3.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Joe returned to compete in Baltimore (the same region that he competed in his first season in ANW 5) on American Ninja Warrior 11. In qualifying, he once again started off strong by clearing the first five obstacles with little trouble. He was hoping to get up the Mega Wall after he failed on it last year. But, due to the wind and the course being close to the harbor making the Mega Wall very slippery, he surprisingly failed all 3 attempts. This marked the first time that he failed on a qualifying course, and he lost his qualifying buzzer streak. He still advanced to the city finals by placing 10th overall.

In the city finals, he fell on the blind catch on Angry Birds, missing the buzzer again as well as making it the fifth time he failed anywhere other than Stage 3. He still advanced to the city finals as he placed 7th overall. Joe appeared at the national finals and competed on Stage 1.

Despite having his run condensed for the first time since his debut in the Baltimore qualifiers on ANW 5, he got revenge on the Double Dipper which ended his run last year. He had a small scare on Tire Run and hit his first buzzer of the season, finishing Stage 1 with 19.81 seconds remaining on the clock. This success continued as he also cleared Stage 2 for the fifth time in his career.

On Stage 3, Moravsky injured his hand on the Ultimate Cliffhanger but persevered nonetheless and became the first person to pass the new fifth obstacle, Pipe Dream. He looked strong on Cane Lane but landed on the outside of the final rail and slipped off after a few seconds. He stated in a post-run interview that he had enough energy to finish the Stage but simply made a mistake.

American Ninja Warrior 12

Joe returned for American Ninja Warrior 12, bringing along competitors Will Schlageter and Jeshuah Lewis. Joe's qualifying run was one of the best of his career. Not only did he scale the Mega Wall after failing it in the previous two seasons, but he got the second fastest time, earning himself a spot on the Power Tower. Joe went on to edge out Michael Torres on the Power Tower, earning his teammates a spot in the semifinals.

In the semifinals, Joe was shown as the final runner. He managed to earn the fastest time, beating Lucas Reale by one second.

In the finals, Joe was once again shown as the final runner. He needed to get to the ninth obstacle, Dragonback, fast enough, or complete it to earn a spot in the Power Tower playoffs. By the time he reached the eighth obstacle, Slam Dunk, he was in a position to move into the top 8 just by finishing it. However, in a huge shock, he missed the transition to the second ball, ending his season.

American Ninja Warrior 13

Joe retuned to compete in the second round of qualifying of American Ninja Warrior 13. He put together a solid run in qualifying, being one of just seven competitors to finish V Formation. Joe was able to complete the Mega Wall for the second season in a row, earning him $10,000, and the third fastest time. He was the first competitor to complete the mega wall that season. He competed in the 2nd Semi Finals episode where he finished the course with the 2nd fastest time behind Jay Lewis. Joe and Jay both raced each other on the Power Tower and Joe won the race and earned the Safety Pass. In the National Finals, Joe was doing good on time as he flew through the first six obstacles. But at Split decision he decided to hit the button to release the ring for High Road, while he got past the Dipping Birds, he mistimed his jump to the ring on High Road and crashed into the water. Joe was very angry as he tore his safety pass off his shorts and chucked it in the water, calling his fall “Pathetic!” Despite failing, he did get a second chance at Stage 1 and chose not to go for The High Road this time around. He then completed Stage 1 on his second attempt, with 30.24 seconds left. However, in maybe the biggest shock of the season, Joe went out on just the first obstacle, the Striding Steps on Stage 2, once again missing out on a million dollars that season. It is worth noting that Joe won the Striding Steps Skills Challenge in Season 10's All-Stars special, making this an even bigger shock.

Team Ninja Competitions

Joe competed on seasons 1 and 2 of ANW's team ninja spinoff, Team Ninja Warrior. He served as the team captain for Storm Team Moravsky (renamed as Storm Team for TNW 2). His team was crowned the champions of Team Ninja Warrior 2.


Personal Life

Joe married his wife Stephanie in 2014. They currently have 3 kids.

Joe's cousin, Rob Moravsky Jr., competed on American Ninja Warrior in seasons 6 and 7.

Training Gyms

The gym he trains at includes obstacles such as the Warped Wall, Jumping Spider, Crazy Cliffhanger, Double Salmon Ladder, Unstable Bridge, Floating Boards, Chain See-Saw, Godantobi, and Balance Tank. He competes around the country at local events. One such event was held at Chris Wilczewski's gym, the Movement Lab, where he made it to the Stage Three before ultimately failing on the modified version of the Ultimate Cliffhanger.

Team Ninja Record

Season Episode Round Heat Opponent Team Opponent Result Notes Individual Record
Team: Storm Team Moravsky
1 1 (Qualifying) Round One 3 (Anchor Run) Average JoJo's Jo Jo Bynum Win 1-0
1 1 (Qualifying) Round Two 3 (Anchor Run) G-Force Nicholas Coolridge Win 2-0
1 1 (Qualifying) Round Two 4 (Sudden Death) G-Force Nicholas Coolridge Win 3-0
1 8 (Finals) Round One 3 (Anchor Run) Lab Rats Brian Wilczewski Loss Joe fell at the Spin Cycle. 3-1
1 8 (Finals) Round Two 3 (Anchor Run) Party Time Brian Arnold Loss 3-2
Team: Storm Team
2 5 (Qualifying) Round One 3 (Anchor Run) Flowmingo JB Douglas Win JB fell at the Ring of Fire. 4-2
2 5 (Qualifying) Round One 4 (Sudden Death) Flowmingo JB Douglas Win Both of them hit the buzzer at almost the same time. However, Joe was determined as the winner after an instant replay. 5-2
2 5 (Qualifying) Round Two 3 (Anchor Run) Team Alpha Brent Steffensen Win 6-2
2 5 (Qualifying) Round Two 4 (Sudden Death) Team Alpha Brent Steffensen Win Brent fell at the Ring of Fire. 7-2
2 10 (Finals) Round One 3 (Anchor Run) Iron Grip Daniel Gil Win 8-2
2 10 (Finals) Round Two 3 (Anchor Run) Think Tank Matt Wilder Win Matt fell at the Swing Jump. 9-2

American Ninja Warrior Results

ANW # Result Notes
5 41 Failed Floating Boards (Stage Three) Failed Transition from 3rd to 4th Board. Second Best Rookie Performance
6 38 Failed Hang Climb (Stage Three) Last Ninja Standing.
7 64 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Stage Three) Failed transition to final ledge. Used Crazy Cliffhanger technique.
8 66 Failed Wave Runner (Stage Two) Failed transition from 1st Board to 2nd Board. First failure on Stage 2.
9 66 Failed Time Bomb (Stage Three) Last Ninja Standing.
10 36 Failed Double Dipper (Stage One) First failure in Stage One on the regular season.
11 Failed Cane Lane (Stage Three)
13 Failed Striding Steps (Stage Two)