Jody Avila is an HVAC technician from Houston, Texas. Standing at 6'6, he's easily one of the bigger competitors. As such, Avila is given the nickname "The Big Dog" by Akbar.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Jody first competed in American Ninja Warrior 8 in Oklahoma City. His run was cut, but he failed the Tire Swing and didn't move on to the city finals. He revealed on Instagram that he missed out the top 30 by approximately thirty seconds.

American Ninja Warrior 9

In San Antonio qualifying, he kept a brisk pace the whole way through, and became the first person of the night to overcome the Pipe Fitter and Warped Wall, as well as the first finisher of the night, ending up placing 9th overall. In the City Finals, his run was digested, but it was shown he failed the Hourglass Drop. He cleared the actual jump, but failed when transitioning between boards. He barely scraped in, placing 15th overall.

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In Vegas, his run was digested both times, but it was shown he cleared Stage 1 with 26.82 seconds left. In Stage 2, his sophomore season came to an end when he failed the third transition on Wingnut Alley, 

American Ninja Warrior 10

Avila competed in Indianapolis in American Ninja Warrior 10. He was expected to go far after an outstanding rookie season, but shockingly failed the fourth obstacle, Block Run, when his heavier weight shifted the fourth block to turn, tripping his momentum. He didn't make it into the top 30.

Additionally, Avila's wife, Pauline, also competed in Indianapolis. She made it to the second obstacle, Cannonball Drop.

American Ninja Warrior 11

He confirmed returning to Oklahoma City for American Ninja Warrior 11. He was able to get redemption on the fourth obstacle after failing it last season, and made it all the way to the Mega Wall. Though he was determined to scale it, he wasn't able to do so in all three attempts. He ultimately placed 15th however, advancing to the city finals after not doing so last season.

In the city finals, he made it to the back half of the course and performed exceptionally there. He scaled the Spider Trap and hit his very first city finals buzzer, placing 4th and going back to Las Vegas.

Before his vegas run, he had shared his embarrassing story about how he encountered a dog and was reluctant to leave his pick-up truck when it started barking. On Stage One, he had a pretty solid run up until the fifth obstacle, Tire Run.

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