Jim Klimek was a writing assistant from Los Angeles, CA, who competed on the second season of American Ninja Warrior.

He is also known for his talents on circus performances, most notably, that of juggling objects.

American Ninja Warrior 2

Klimek had one of the more memorable runs in qualifying. Despite an unclean start on the Quad Steps, he managed to pull through and continue. However, on the Bridge of Blades, he had a hard stumble and made a miraculous save when he managed to grab the center axis with his hands and feet, using it to reach the platform. Interestingly, this did not disqualify him. However, his run came to an end just two obstacles later on the tramp jump up to the Jumping Bars, backflipping into the water.



Jim’s appearance on Wipeout

  • Jim has also appeared on the ABC game show, Wipeout, comepting in the ninth episode of season 6. This makes him the first of several ANW competitors to do so, followed by Jessie Graff, Scott Willson, Jeremy Rivette and Wilson Kennedy.
  • However, unlike the others, Jim is the only one to have been the winner of an episode, where he was awarded $50,000.
  • He is also the only one out of the five to have competed on ANW before Wipeout, as he appeared on American Ninja Warrior 2 (2010), before competing on season 6 of Wipeout (2013).
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