Jessica Clayton is an I.T Consultant from Atlanta, Georgia. Clayton currently serves in the U.S. Navy, and is a single mother of three children.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Clayton first competed in American Ninja Warrior 9 in Daytona Beach. She was able to get through the Floating Steps, but was disqualified on the Rolling Pin when her arm splashed the water at the end, despite landing the dismount.

Jessica later competed as the female representative of the Average JoJo's in American Ninja Warrior Ninja Vs. Ninja.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Clayton competed in Miami in American Ninja Warrior 10. Clayton put a strong run on the first four obstacles. She almost cleared the Slippery Summit, but fell near the dismount. Out of the 3 women the fell on the Slippery Summit, she was the only one not to make the top 30. However, she advanced to the city finals placing 4th overall in the womens' top 5. In the city finals, she shockingly had failed the Cannonball Drop when she didn't release for the dismount and had to build up momentum all over again. At the end she got her feet on the landing pad but lost her balance, therefore not qualifying for Vegas.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Clayton returned for American Ninja Warrior 11, competing in Atlanta. In qualifying, she was determined to be the first mom to get up the Warped Wall and hit a buzzer. After a long struggle on the Ferris Wheel, she dismounted and finally completed the fifth obstacle. However, she ended up failing her three attempts at the Warped Wall. She still placed 21st overall and 1st among the women, thus qualifying for the city finals once again.

During city finals, she shockingly fell on the Bouncing Spider, but did well enough to advance to Vegas as she placed 2nd in the Women's Top 2. In her Vegas debut, she failed the second obstacle, Spin Your Wheels.

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