Jessica Britten is the wife of ANW competitor Geoff Britten. She was first seen on the sidelines supporting her husband in American Ninja Warrior 7 and American Ninja Warrior 8. but first competed in competition during American Ninja Warrior 7.

American Ninja Warrior 7

On Geoff Britten's YouTube Channel as well as Team Ninja Warrior 1 it was revealed that Jessica Britten competed in Pittsburgh in American Ninja Warrior 7. Her run was completely cut, but it was shown in the TNW 1 that she was on the Log Grip almost at the dismount. Geoff confirmed on YouTube that Jessica in fact, fell into the water there inches away from the dismount.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Jessica first competed in Philadelphia in American Ninja Warrior 8; alongside her husband Geoff. Her run was cut but it was revealed that she got revenge on the Log Grip, but failed the Wall Drop. Her husband on the other hand completed the Qualifying course.

Team Ninja Warrior

Jessica also competed alongside her husband as a member of the Ninja Brittens Team in Team Ninja Warrior Seasons 1 and 2. in Season 2, she got injured and had to replaced with Sarah Schoback.

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