Jesse La Flair (also known as his channel LaFlairParkour) is a free-runner who competed in American Ninja Warrior 4 representing the Southwest Region. Jesse managed to beat the qualifier in 54 seconds placing 4th. In the Regional Finals La Flair managed to finish in 3:04.99 seconds earning him second place. In the Vegas Finals, however, La Flair shocked many when he slipped up on the Jumping Spider in the First Stage.

He also competed in American Ninja Warrior 5 at Venice, clearing with the fastest time. Although he failed at the Cliffhanger in the Venice Finals, he still got the 7th place spot for Vegas. In the Vegas course, he got revenge on the Jumping Spider, and went on to clear the First Stage with 26.97 seconds left. In the Second Stage, La Flair completed the new Hang Slider, but on the redesigned Double Salmon Ladder, he completed the transition to the second ladder, however the bar slipped off the rungs while La Flair was getting ready to begin climbing again, disqualifying him.

In American Ninja Warrior 6, he competed in the Venice qualifier again. His run was cut from the broadcast, but from a video from Youtube, it was shown that he failed the Slack Ladder. He failed it when he stumbled at the end and his hand touched it, disqualifying and eliminating him from the competition. In American Ninja Warrior 7, Jesse made it though the Quintuple Steps but was one of the 48 competitors to fail on the Silk Slider, however it has yet to be confirmed.

He had confirmed on competing on American Ninja Warrior 8, but his run was once again cut from the broadcast. However, he was shown in the top 30, placing 23rd as he had failed the I-Beam Cross. In the City Finals, Jesse fell on the Salmon Ladder and didn't make it far enough to go to Las Vegas.

ANW Result Stage Notes
4 Failed Jumping Spider 1
5 Failed Double Salmon Ladder 2
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